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I have complained about this to customer service. When I changed to Verizon several years ago, it was great. It worked good at home and had my internet through a USB modem. It started deteriorating to point almost nothing worked. All customer service did was sympathise. The last time they sent me a stupid video! saying yeah my service was bad, I could try these things like Wifi calling (which I already had done), but wifi through their web??? catch 22, because it didn't work either. Somebody there wasn't too smart. I had to get satellite internet again (no other options here. I am a hospital neurologist and cell is the main com for everything. I will a voice mail wthout call. I cannot get them to call me on land line, except for short periods then. County wide service has deteriorated to where there are now dead zones all over. there are dead zones inside the hospital now and guess what! wifi calling doesn't help!!!! No one around here is happy with Verizon, but most are not as unhappy as me!


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Re: poor service
Customer Service Rep

Oh no, country_neuron! It's our priority to provide a seamless network experience and we are concerned to hear that you are experiencing challenges with your service. We would love the opportunity to help you in any way we can. Can you tell us a little more? What are the cross streets and zip code of your current location? To make sure we are on the same page, is this for wireless or home service?