power button issue

My droid turbo's power button has been being problematic, as it won't allow me to put it to sleep. Consequently, if it shuts off I will not be able to turn it on again. I ordered a new phone and it is being delivered tomorrow (Tuesday), and, well, apparently my leaving it in my car in the heat of the day the battery depleted 100% and died. If any one in Droid Turbo land has some magic way to turn this thing back on I would be very grateful. 

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Re: power button issue
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We're extremely troubled over hearing that your power button stopped working and that you cannot get your phone to turn back on. Let's try to see if we can get you back up and running. Some devices will automatically power on when connected to a charger and allowed to charge to a minimum of 10%. If you've tried this and wasn't successful, try connecting your phone to a computer using the USB cable to see if it powers on. Aside from these options, the phone may not power on without the use of the power button. In that case, we'd recommend forwarding your calls to another number via My Verizon http://vz.to/2uJTXYL so that you don't miss any important calls.


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