"Addr.Vcnt., 0" Cause Code

I've been seeing this "Addr.Vcnt., 0" Cause Code for about a month and during that time my outgoing texts have only been being received intermittently. Switched to the default messaging app and have uninstalled handcent that I was using. Problem didn't resolve. I am up to date on software and can't seem to figure out any other things to do besides a factory reset, which I'd prefer to avoid if possible. Anyone have any ideas on what's wrong with it?

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Re: "Addr.Vcnt., 0" Cause Code
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I'm not sure, but I'll take a guess.  How are you entering the send to: address?  I've had a couple of issues  - and it turns out I was entering their name, and choosing it from a popup list.  Suddenly hubby stopped getting my texts, and somehow his name had defaulted to an email address (which he doesn't use on his phone), so he didn't get the texts till he went to work.

The error looks like there is no address being entered, so if you are entering a contact name, perhaps it's entering a landline number you have stored for that contact, or perhaps even a blank field in that contacts info?  Just a guess...

What happens if you manually type in the phone number of the recipient?