"Unfortunately, System UI has stopped." on Droid Turbo
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I wasn't even touching my phone. Moto Voice was reading me a text message from accross the room when it was interrupted by persistent system alerts that read "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped." Tapping OK just reveals another alert with the same message. Rebooting does not help. The alerts begin appearing immediately after the phone boots up. It's stuck in some kind of loop. Clearing the cache and starting the device in safe mode doesn't help. Neither did the Verizon Wireless Software Repair Assistant for Motorola. I didn't have USB debugging enabled before this happened, so I can't use the ADB commands.

The only thing I haven't tried is a factory reset. I still have some files I need to rescue off the internal memory so I'm avoiding it. I'm not even very confident that a factory reset will help. I can't find anything online about someone receiving this error and recovering. Has anyone experienced this and gotten through it?

I've never rooted my phone or customized it with 3rd party system software. I've only ever used Verizon's OTA updates. I've had Lollipop since Verizon released the update. How can this error be fixed?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped." on Droid Turbo
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It sounds like you have completed all the correct steps,ntumminello. The software repair assistant should have taken care of this. Since you have used the software repair assistant, wiped cache partition, and started the device in Safe Mode, your next step would be the factory data reset.

If you are not ready to complete that step, you can certainly reach out to Motorola at 800-734-5870 or www.motorola.com/android

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Re: "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped." on Droid Turbo

How do I fix the same problem