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Verizon's return policy is a joke.  It's stealing, plain and simple.  My 30-day window expired before the iWatch I purchased thru them arrived at their warehouse and, instead of treating a 23-year loyal customer with common courtesy and decency to credit my account appropriately for receiving the WHOLE AND ENTIRE WATCH AND ACCESSORIES IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING, they suspended my account holding my entire internet, calling,  and online business hostage till I was forced to pay for the watch in full, A WATCH THAT I NO LONGER HAVE IN MY POSSESSION (nor will send back to me - and I offered to pay the shipping)- that is called STEALING.  If that isn't Big Brother, then I don't know what is. 

Yes, I am looking and will switch to another carrier, and yes Verizon will be held accountable for stealing what is rightfully mine, regardless of their ridiculous policy - which is ILLEGAL.   Just because they write it in their pages long 'agreement' doesn't make it right nor guarantee it's a legal act. 


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