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When will the 7.1 and 7.1.2 software updates for the turbo 2 be available to install? I have spoken to Motorola and they can not answer that question saying they will be available in the future. I have had a myriad of annoying persistent issues with the turbo 2 and since I downloaded the 7.0 in late Feb and was told to wait for the 7.1 to come out. I did have a security patch update today but was disappointed that it was not the 7.1. Is there anyway that Verizon can get a substantive answer from Motorola on this matter? It has been over three months since I had 7.0 and would think that the 7.1 would have been applicable at this time.

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Someone in Verizon Wireless might have some idea of the status of the update if Motorola is working on it. Unfortunately they are also likely bound by a "Do Not Disclose" agreement and can't say anything publicly. Motorola is fairly public about the status of the various software updates for their devices. If or when an update is available, they are the first to release that information. The pressure from the customers for the update should be directed to Motorola not Verizon Wireless since Verizon Wireless doesn't touch the code to the updates.

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We do not have a date that we can provide you for updates being released from your phone. If you see other Turbo 2's receiving the update and yours does not, please let us know.


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