suggested email(autocomplete) not working for AOL account?

A friend has their work, and 2 personal accounts(one gmail, one aol) connected to the default email app on a z2 force, all have the suggested contacts checkbox checked (for autocomplete). Both the work account and the gmail accounts will autocomplete email addresses in the email app but the aol one won't. Is there another setting I need to enable? All 3 accounts send and receive email without issue.

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Re: suggested email(autocomplete) not working for AOL account?
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The auto complete feature is nice and we can help look into this for you, darienal. I do have a few questions if you don’t mind. It looks like you’re using the factory “Email” app, but have you tried adding the accounts to the “Gmail” app? I ask because both will allow you to sign in with AOL and work e-mails. You would have to open the “Gmail” app and then tap the 3 lines at the top left and scroll to Settings > Add Account. Please let us know if this worked for you.



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