unable to receive text/calls from one specific number

I own a Droid, my son owns a Moto.  We have been able to call/text each other without a problem until about 2 weeks ago.  My texts do not go through to him (his are received by me), and my calls immediately receive a "mailbox has not been set up yet" message, though he can call me.  I have tried all the trouble shooting pathways (My number is not blocked, he is able to receive calls/texts from others, he's powered on/off, deleted and restored my contact info., etc. etc.).  Nothing has resolved this issue.  Any ideas?

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Re: unable to receive text/calls from one specific number
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@Liz_Wiseman  Being able to communicate with our kids is a priority. I can certainly understand the urgency here to make sure that everything is in order.

When blocking a specific number that doesn't necessarily mean that all the other calls are blocked. We definitely want to make sure that your number was not accidentally blocked.

I would recommend deleting your contact information from his phone and add you as a new contact. Has he made any changes to his phone settings? New phones? Are you experiencing the same issue with any other lines? Share details, so we can step in and help. What's the model of his phone?


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