when will the droid turbo get the marshmallow update.

Does anyone know when the Droid Turbo will get the Marshmallow update. I have a Cadillac with the CUE system. Ever since the last update on my phone I can make phone calls using Bluetooth in the car but can't find addresses. With my droid phone the car would ask if it could access the address book when it was syncing with the phone. Since the last update it does not do this, so I can not navigate to an address in my phone. I have to use my old phone for navigating. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Re: when will the droid turbo get the marshmallow update.
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Chimara, updates are meant to be nice treat for your phone. To get the latest information on any software release info click here: http://vz.to/1P2aFRH. I am deeply concerned of what is happening with your car Bluetooth. Have you tried to un-pair and repair your device with your car?
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