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Credit Inquiry-tricked

I went to a local verizon store months ago to find out information about phone plans. I was leaning toward pre-paid (which I did decide on and am happy with). I came into the store explicitly for information only. I found that I was not interested in the plans they were talking about. The salesman proceeded to try to convince me that a contract plan was better. He got me to give my address, and ran my credit. He said he was "checking to see if I qualified". I already said I wasn't interested! I left the store before he was done running this check. To my surprise, the next time I looked at my credit report, I saw a hard credit inquiry from Verizon!

I understand it is these people's jobs to sell, but I felt deceived. He did not inform me that he would be running a hard credit check. I plainly expressed my disinterest in making any purchases that day. I feel it was unfair for him to have run this inquiry.

Is there any way I can get this removed?

I tried calling Verizon. I did get in contact with someone, but somehow after I was put on hold, it went back to the main menu.

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Re: Credit Inquiry-tricked

Did you ever get a response, reply or answer?

Re: Credit Inquiry-tricked

While I'm not sure why you gave the Verizon employee your information, but once your credit has been looked into they can't undo it. Otherwise folks who get their identity stolen would be back on their feet in no time, which isn't the case. Hopefully it didn't affect your Fico score too much and if it did you don't plan on making any large purchases in the near near future. It will recover, but definitely worth just reminding Verizon that we don't appreciate the car salesman approach.

Re: Credit Inquiry-tricked
Sr. Leader

Running that check usually docks 1-2 points overall and takes 2 years to overcome.  But true, they have to have enough info from the customer to run a check, they cant do it on name alone.