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Switching from Family Plan to Business account

I have been a customer of Verizon for years & have boasted about the service they provide.  However, recently I have tried to change my account from a Family Plan (5 phones) to a Business Account (needing 7-10 phones) & found Verizon was far from accommodating.  After setting up the account with a rep, I was informed that my company did not have enough credit history & I would need to pay a $125 deposit PER PHONE.  This is insane.  I could understand if I were a new customer, but I have a perfect payment history with Verizon for the past 4-5 years & they want an $875 deposit just to change my plan.


Oh, the rep was quick to inform me that I would receive my deposit back in a year with interest.  What an idiot...don't patronize me!  In a small business, cash is king.  Every dollar my company spends must see a 2 dollar return minimum....quickly.  Verizon is clearly making a statement that if you're an existing customer, they'll give you great service...but you're stuck in your plan.  Verizon also clearly has no intention in helping small businesses grow.


In doing the math, I have found it cheaper to pay off & end my current Family Plan with Verizon & join Sprints business plan.  I really don't want to, but might have to....unless Verizon steps up & does the right thing.

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Re: Switching from Family Plan to Business account

Verizon will screw small business out of money any way they can.  I got screwed when my business experienced call volume surge and incurred a massive overage amount. No notification from Verizon whatsoever.  They at least cut the overages in half.