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my android 2

If all I am asking for is maybe a phone comparable in price and functionality but not a Motorola, do you think it is good business for Verizon to replace the phone. I mean how much does the phone actually cost them ...20 bucks maybe?This phone costs me $1900.00 plus dollars per year.The phone almost lost me a huge account the other day by powering down and rebooting -- effectively dropping a very important long distance call. It also freezes to  the black screen and the only way to restart it is to take the battery out and put it back in.

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Re: my android 2
Sr. Member

You pay for service, not the phone. I think you are confusing the two.


As far as power cycling and such, have you taken the time to delete some unused data? (settings,applications, running, click on one and clear data)


Also have you tried to do a master reset?


You already got a subsisted phone, and now you are asking for another..what would stop you from asking for another. And if 2 million people did this?


Try to work with the phone you have. Get a replacement phone under the warranty if you can't work with it. Chances are though you need to clear out some data/cache files

Re: my android 2
Verizon Employee

Thanks for the information 



  1. From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located at the bottom of the display).

  2. Touch Browser.

  3. Touch Menu.

  4. Touch More.

  5. Touch Settings.

Clear cache
Clear history
Clear all cookie data



Clear cache

  1. From the Privacy settings section, touch Clear cache
    Note Visited website content stored on the device. The cache enables the browser to download only the content that has changed since the last time a website was visited. Since the browser only downloads changed content, pages are loaded faster.

  2. Touch OK.

Clear history

  1. From the Privacy settings section, touch Clear history.
    Note A listing of URLs (website addresses) that have been recently visited.

  2. Touch OK.

Clear all cookie data

Some cookies contain customized preference and logon information for previously visited websites. Once deleted, the website may prompt for this information again.

  1. From the Privacy settings section, touch Clear all cookie data

  2. Touch OK.