Cancellation Fee

I ordered Verizon TV/Internet and home phone service online around late November 2019. I elected to pay in full for what was then their LATEST, best Verizon internet router.

On Nov 22 a Verizon installer came to my new home and installed TV, home phone, and wifi. I bought a 2 bed, 2 bath condo unit in Wynnewood, PA. The unit has an EASILY accessible Verizon coax cable connection in the master bedroom. So the tech installed the main “FIOS TV” box in the master bedroom. He then installed the other 2 smaller wifi TV boxes in the living room, and one in the second bedroom. Both boxes were wifi controlled. He got the wifi up and running, briefly tested the connection, and he was gone.

All wifi devices (including wifi TV boxes) appeared to be working fine. But after about 3 hours after the installation; living room TV box began to repeatedly “Re-boot” itself due to a poor wifi connection (as stated on the TV screen). The second box in the second bedroom displayed a partial picture, and only received “ONE” channel due to a poor wifi connection. Even though I requested Verizon to install a “hard wire” connection for my desktop computer, the tech assured me that after I BUY and connect a wifi “adapter”; my desktop would work as normal. The pages on my desktop were loading so slowly after I connected my “bought" wifi adapter; one morning I actually made breakfast, ate breakfast, came back to my desktop; AND THE PAGE WAS STILL TRYING TO LOAD!!!

1st contact-

I contacted Verizon and described my TV and internet problem. The rep asked me to describe my NEW, fully paid for Verizon internet router. After I described the router; she replied that I was using an “OBSOLETE ROUTER”!! I informed her that I’m a new customer that has just FULLY PAID for what’s supposed be the newest, most up-to-date router that Verizon ADVERTISED. She proceeded to inform me that my new router was now OBSOLETE!!! She then said that Verizon is now offering a NEW router that has better wifi range!! When I asked the rep...”When did this happen??”...she replied...“YESTERDAY”. She placed the order for me to receive the “NEW" router; then told me that I can “negotiate” the cost of the new router with Verizon after they have received my “old” router. After receiving the updated router I attempted to connect it using Verizon’s included router set-up instructions. THE NEW ROUTER DID NOT IMPROVE MY WIFI CONNECTION! My wifi problem remained the same. The living room TV box continued to re-boot itself due to poor wifi connection (as the message on TV screen displayed), and the second bedroom TV still had a partial picture, and ONE channel.

2nd contact-

I called Verizon again. After explaining my wifi and TV problem to her; she to told me that I needed to get the Verizon “WIFI EXTENDER" that works with my new router to extend the wifi range throughout my apartment...(yet another Verizon device that I have to pay for to get wifi)!

After receiving the extender, I attempted to connect it using the provided instructions. My attempt failed.

3rd Contact-

I contacted Verizon “Tech Support” for help with my extender. As the tech began to instruct me on what connections to look for on my extender; I had to tell her that I don’t see the connections that she was talking about. She then asked me to describe the extender to her. I replied,..”Well...I gotta tell ya...IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE ROUTER”. After I relayed a brief description to her; she confirmed that the Verizon store gave me a SECOND ROUTER; NOT AN EXTENDER!! With that, the tech arranged for an installer to come back a SECOND time to install my Wifi Extender.

The installer connected an extender that he brought with him. I explained to him all the wifi and TV problems that I was having including the slow page loading of my desktop. He told me that the extender should clear up all of my wifi, TV, and desktop problems. Like the first installer after connecting the extender he ran some tests, and checked my wifi speed using an app. He then told me that I should clear up some files on my desktop. He said this would help speed up my desktop slow page loading problem (although I never had this problem at my previous address). When it APPEARED that all the Verizon devices were online and working; the installer left.

Yet again, after a few hours my poor wifi connection was affecting my living room and 2nd bedroom TV’s, and my desktop internet was still running slow (even after I cleared up some files as suggested by the previous Verizon installer)!

4th Contact-

I again called Verizon tech support. This tech seemed very knowledgeable, and he was very helpful. The tech 1st removed me from what he described as a “crowded network”. He gave me MY OWN network, and allowed me to name the network, and provide it with a password. After explaining the bedroom TV problem; he determined that the TV box was FAULTY and not communicating with the wifi connection. He placed an order for a new TV box, and “tweaked” my network connection. Again, the living room TV appeared to be working fine, and my desktop connection did get “A LITTLE” better.

5th Contact-

The replacement bedroom TV box seemed to have fixed the bedroom TV problem. The new network however did not completely fix my wifi problem. My desktop though a little better, continued to load internet pages slow. My living room TV box had less freezing and re-boots; but still froze and occasionally re-booted itself. I attempted to watch the Eagles playoff game on my 65“ living room TV, the wifi problem returned in a BIG way. The picture frequently kept freezing, then starting again until ultimately the box kept having to re-boot itself due to poor wifi reception (as stated on TV screen).

Frustrated that I was missing the football game; I moved to the TV in the bedroom to watch game. After the game I went to my desktop to search for another TV and internet service provider. The pages were loading very slow again. Becoming overly frustrated with my wifi connection I decided to take matters into my hands. I traced a “coaxial cable” that ran to the master bedroom TV box. I decided to cut it, then use a “splitter” to connect my desktop to a “wired” connection. My attempt to place a connector on the cut wire failed. I called Verizon and explained the situation. We endured the night without a master bedroom TV.  Another Verizon installer arrived the next day.

During that 5th call to Verizon; I made it very clear that I wanted my desktop to be on a “WIRED” connection. The rep said that she would relay that info to the installer and assured me that my desktop connection would be wired.

The installer fixed the cut coaxial cable. The master bedroom TV was connected and working fine. I again complained to the installer about the poor wifi, and requested that he “wire” my desktop. The installer just continued to work on the WIFI connections! Pretty much IGNORING my request. He went on to state that my COMPUTER WAS OLD! When I replied...”You mean like that first router that I bought from Verizon”? I told him that my system is not that old, and that I did not have any computer problems at my last address! He then tried to convince me that I had too many files on my computer! Again, the installer suggested that I clear up files on my system (not knowing that I have already done that after an installer suggested it ON A PREVIOUS VISIT)!


When it appeared that the installer realized that I was determined to have a wired connection to my desktop, he stated that he can bring up the wire and items needed wire my desktop; but...IT WOULD COST ME $200 DOLLARS FOR HIM TO DO SO!!! Frustrated,...I told him to do what he can about the poor wifi. I also told him that if the wifi problem continued after his departure; I would be changing service providers!

Of course my wifi problem persisted after the installer left. Unable to use my computer properly due to the slow loading pages to find another service provider; I decided again to see if can fix the problem myself. I ordered a Verizon compatible router, a coaxial cable splitter, and a coaxial-to-ethernet connector from Amazon. I connected my new router via the Verizon fixed coaxial cable and....SCORE!!!

I “WIRED” my desktop to the internet. No more slow internet, page loading, or searches! Then I thought to myself...”Why didn’t the Verizon installer think of this cable solution”?

6th Contact-

I’ve had to put up with this problem since with Verizon and my TV and wifi problem since their first visit in late November! To this day I still cannot watch my living room TV without it freezing and re-booting itself.

Yesterday, January 16, 2020 I contacted Verizon for the last time to inform them that I am fed up with their TV and internet service, and want to cancel them. I informed them that the only thing that is WORKING in my “BUNDLE” is the landline telephone and that I would be keeping the phone service. The rep stated that she could see all the problems, and installer visits on her screen. I elaborated on the problems by telling her everything contained in this filed complaint. With all of that she ended the call by informing that ‘THERE WILL BE A CANCELLATION FEE”!!! According to her; I would STILL have to pay Verizon $350 for canceling; although my service has NEVER WORKED PROPERLY (AND IS STILL NOT WORKING) since receiving their service. This is plain and simple ROBBERY!

Now,...unless I get some help; I either pay for the cancellation, or risk damage to my credit score.

Cancellation Fee Dispute

See my previous post.

Just wanted to add that I also filed my Verizon complaint with the FCC and BBB. 

On a mission to post where ever I can to warn others.

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