Issue with Redeeming Samsung Promo?
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Is your Samsung reward ready to redeem after the 30 day waiting period?  If so, you’ll see “Great news! Your Samsung offer is now ready to redeem.” when signing into your account on the My Verizon website or the My Fios App.


If you’re ready to redeem, but you’ve experienced an issue like the link to the Samsung site is not working or the promo code doesn’t seem to be available, please try the following steps.  In most cases, this will fix the issue:


  • Clear the cache on your browser (or try a different browser like Chrome or Edge) and then log in again to My Verizon. 
  • Then, select “Redeem Offer” from the tile that appears below your customer account number and payment amount on the right.  You should be directed to the Samsung website.

Note - during checkout you may see Payment Options (even for free items).  If so, please select 'Pay In Full' in order to move forward to redeem FREE items.


Thank you!

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