The Weather Channel
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I hate come customers did not have a choice or a vote to keep The Weather Channel???? AccuWeather stinks, there are no REAL stories nor do the show any weather people out in the field......this is the worst, I watch the weather channel everyday. I might just think about changing my service to someone who has The Weather Channel!!! I hate this.....ugh !

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This is ridiculous. We pay premium prices for this service. Many rely on the accurate and timely weather for their livelihood and well-being. This replacement will not suffice. If Verizon has the option to cancel a service that we, in good faith, have paid to have, do we have the option to discount our payment due to discounted service or due to you not providing the service we agreed to? Hurricane and severe weather season is coming, Verizon, please fix this. You have enough money to pay Weather Channel - you raise our prices, pay for increase costs with it instead of lining your pockets. Like others have stated, contracts come up for renewal - there are options for other providers. At least we can choose who to send our hard earned money to. 

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With no prior notice, Weatherscan has been dropped. Now I can check the radar for Richmond Virginia or some other location which has no relevance for me, but will have to wait to see my own.  That really makes sense.  Guess I'll just turn off the TV,  THANKS Verizon!

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AccuWeather is horrible! It looks like a high school video project!

FIOS should be embarrassed for adding it to the channel lineup. They don't even show the weather for my area. All we keeping getting from FIOS is lousy channels for more money. BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL!
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In typical Verizon fashion, we are losing The Weather Channel at the same time we loyal customers are being charged more for the same service.

The arrogance of Verizon executives is boundless.

Throttling Internet bandwidth in order to upsell the service we should already be getting.

Pouring millions into lobbyists and govt to force us to pay more for adequate service.

Overpaying under performing executives.

Providing substandard customer service.

Bombarding public television with offensive advertisements.

The energy I have to exert to FORCE Verizon to honor the agreement I signed with them is ridiculous.

When my contract is up, I will cut them off completely. I need less grief in my life, and Verizon is a top exporter of grief these days.

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Please bring weatherscan back!... We really don't care about the weather in Boise, Idaho or how much new powder appeared overnight in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or what wicked Tuna are doing in the Gulf of Alaska.  We live in NEW JERSEY. What most of us want is the LOCAL weather and RADAR! The weatherscan format has a proven fifteen year record with no commercials (that's probably the problem) and no talking heads. If FIOS can create a similar format with only local weather and radar appearing in a nonstop scrolling manner, I guess that would work. Please, please listen to your subscribers and give the people what they want....Thanks!

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Received email that FiOS is not renewing The Weather Channel.  They used as an excuse that people get their weather from the internet, etc., these days.  I guess these decision makers have never actually *watched* The Weather Channel, or they would know that the channel has a lot of original programming that many of us enjoy.  Hopre they rethink this decision and renew TWC!

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So, without asking your customers, you have gotten rid of the Weather Channel, and gave us a channel most of us didnt want? That being said, when am I going to see money taken off my bill for giving me something I didnt choose, and dont want?

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0ver 400 channels and I can't my local forecast on any of them..Crazy. At least TWC had my local forecast. Accuweather nothing.

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Eliminating The Weather Channel is idiotic! Yes, other stations have weather, just as others have news, but no channel has the weather insight and coverage of The Weather Channel. It would be like eliminating CNN because we can see news broadcasts elsewhere! Your viewers will tell you they rely on The Weather Channel all year long for vital information that NO OTHER SOURCE PROVIDES. Please restore this service! Your subscribers are the lifeblood of your business and deserve to have this very important resource.

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This was a total surprise.  No notice whatsover from Verizon until the day it happened.  And replaced with something so inferior?

Hey VERIZON, your customers should have a say in your content decisions since we are the consumers of said content!

Bring back The Weather Channel NOW!  My bill seems to keep going up so I think you can certainly afford it!

I have been with Verizon FIOS since its inception in our neighborhood (almost 10 years).  It might be time for a change!

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Yea, people use apps and other things to get weather info, but The Weather Channel is So Much More!! Besides the personalities (Sam Champion, Jim Cantore, Stephanie Abrams, etc), there's awesome shows!!! My husband and I love The Strangest Weather shows!!! And the ones about Space and Planets are truly amazing!! And on the regular weather shows, they teach so much science in a way that anyone can understand-- it's a wonderful educational tool!! Lastly, when there's any kind of storm going on, TWC gives the best coverage and we are glued to our tv! Pleeeeease give us back our Weather Channel! We've had Verizon forever-- but will drop it if they don't renew TWC contract! We pay a fortune every month for their service, and we Expect to receive The Weather Channel!!
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Really disappointed that FIOS has dropped The Weather Channel so I hope you'll bring it back soon. AccuWeather totally sucks!!!

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I want the Weather Channel Back. I will be checking my Fios contract today and if I am not locked in I will be switching to cable. AccuWeather is an absoutely useless substitute. Shame on Verizon is not giving us any advanced warning untill csome subscribers got an email today. For a weather geek like me the morning cup of coffee and TWC has been a morning ritual for over a decade.

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This was the worst thing you did

Weather channel was my favorite channel.

Do not be to cheap and restore this channel ASAP

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Why couldn't Verizon let us know their situation in advance?

I'm assuming Verizon knew its customers would want The Weather Channel to remain. Don't tell me that this move was to benefit its customers; especially after the fact!

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I want The Weather Channel back!  There has been no communication about the possible change and it constitutes a bait-and switch sales practice.  Suck it up and pay the licensing fees for their premium content - its worth it and you charge enough.

Accuweather is horrible and the WeatherBug widget is an intolerable crash prone, self-imposing POS - that is the absolute worse app ever made.  With the weather this winter, and in recent years, The Weather Channel provides valuable, necessary, information to the civic population which is not replaced by your proposed substitutions.  You are (or should be held accountable for) making yourself culpible for liability in natrual disasters by revoking access to The Weather Channel's programming.

This is a very bad decision and I truly hope the executive who made the decision is demoted or fired.  As a shareholder, I will be voting against this move and other proposals from the board, in retaliation.  You have decreased the value of your TV service and I strongly recommned unbundling your phone, TV and FiOS offerings if you are unable to provide the quality in each offering.

Fix it, undo your mistake, promptly.

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Shenanigans like this are why I don't sign contracts.  I can have Comcast (and The Weather Channel!) tomorrow. I want WeatherScan back too. I want to turn on the tv and have instant access to temps and radar and local conditions.

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I am disgusted with your decision to remove The Weather Channel! This has been compounded by giving your customer no notice what so ever! When I chat with your reps to complain about this they just don't care. No one at Verizon Fios cares!!! And you know what neither do I anymore! I had kept my service with you for a few years (even upgrading it ) because I had like what you provided compared to local cable. Your customer service level has always been the WORST in the industry though. However now that you have started taking away channels that I pay for and expect there is no telling what other channels you will decide to pull with no notice as well! Your outsourced customer service is surely not something I wish to pay for, that's for sure. Since you no longer have that competitive advantage of better "offerings" then local cable I think it is finally time for me to discontinue using your services completely and go back to local cable. You have finally nailed the final nail in your own coffin! I hope you are happy now Verizon FiOS!

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Have kudos been frozen for this subject, or am I just such a "mad granny" that I can't figure out how to do it!  The Weather Channel is an integral part of our day.  Our grandchildren grew up watching it every morning with their breakfast, learning how the weather "works" and also how it affects peoples lives.  A Verizon employee? No way. Just a senior who is trying to figure out how to protest in these crazy days when services come and go on a daily basis with little regard for the consumers wishes.

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Bring back TWC!

The Accuweather replacement looks like an amateur production.

I wonder if this is like Charlie Ergen at Dish Network........removing the channel to try and force the content provider to lower their price demand.

Adios, Dirk