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I hate come customers did not have a choice or a vote to keep The Weather Channel???? AccuWeather stinks, there are no REAL stories nor do the show any weather people out in the field......this is the worst, I watch the weather channel everyday. I might just think about changing my service to someone who has The Weather Channel!!! I hate this.....ugh !

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Verizon needs to bring back TWC.  Takes forever for Accuweather to get to the local forecast, if it ever does. 

Bad decision whoever made it.

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I never post on forums like this. Just wanted to weigh in on how disgusted I am with Verizon. I realize that they absolutely do not care what their customers want. They can drop services and continue to charge the same amount each month. Weather scan was a valuable channel to us, particularly the radar living ad we do in an area prone to violent weather. Bottom line - Verizon is no longer a service provider we would recommend. Will they miss us when we are gone? No. Will we tell everyone within earshot about our disappointment in a company that once met our needs and we had a relatively positive feeling for? Without fail.
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I heard it might snow on Friday, but accuweather is so lame I needed to go online ( Weather Channel) and find out the details. The Weather Channel is great for those like my self who need a comprehensive report, local and national. Accuweather is subpar in all respects. Put the Weather Channel back on!

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Verizon has switched weather coverage from a high quality channel, The Weather Channel, that provides all the weather information I need to get through the day to a lame, useless, knock off channel.  Hey Verizon, how do you think The Weather Channel got to be the number 1 weather information provider?  The public relies on TWC because they have decades of experience and the  public TRUSTS them!  Get your heads out of the stump and wake up.

Bring back The Weather Channel, NOW! 

P.S., you can cut the **bleep** about cutting costs.  You haven't been reducing any charges to my house and TWC is willing to negotiate.  

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                 Bring back the Weather Channel ASAP, Once my contract is up, I'm going back to TWC..Thanks for asking FIOS customers......

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It's ridiculous that FIOS dropped a critical resource for millions of people - The Weather Channel - yet still carries channels no one watches or cares about. 

Accuweather is no substitute for TWC and Verizon is being reckless and endangering lives by not carrying The Weather Channel. Whatever top level exec at Verizon who made this decision and who obviously has an issue with another exec at TWC needs to get over it or be removed from Verizon immediately.

If TWC is not brought back soon we will switch back to Comcast. 

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Seems like we lost The WEather Channel.  When i checked yesterday, there was weather on channel 619, but not The Weather Channel. Thanks.

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Verizon you are terrible, I have called 5 times to file an compalnt about losing the Weather Channel and told the same thing, contract expired. Well Verizon you let it expire because AccurWeather was cheap. It's cheap because it doesn't give a good weather report and the widget is a joke.  Get with it Verizon don't your customers count.  Your research is flawed.  Get the Weather Channel back on, I will call Comcast soon it not.

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I sent an email to that senior executive expressing my dissatisfacion over the Verizon decision to drop The Weather Channel.

My bet is that Verizon, in its quest to make as much money as possible, will opt to ignore the many hundreds/thousands of complaints and pleas from its paying customers.  Like many other companies, Verizon has lost its grasp on the true meaning of "customer satisfaction."  And of course, those same customers now have nowhere on Verizon TV to turn for timely, accurate, local weather information since AccuWeather (a misnomer) and the WeatherBug are relatively worthless.

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I subscribed to FiOS TV partly because it had The Weather Channel.  If it didn't have TWC I would not have subscribed.

Now Verizon tells us that they dropped TWC, and gives some corporate-speak malarkey for an explanation.  This was done secretly, with no notice.

Now I have a TV service, with a two-year contract, that is pretty much worthless to me.

Unless this gets settled real quickly, I will be canceling my FiOS services.  I expect to be able to do so without a penalty, since they are no longer providing what they promised.  I'm sure that somewhere in some fine print they have given themselves the right to do whatever they want.

There are also lots of avenues for complaints against Verizon, such as the PSC and the local franchise grantor (usually your local government).  I'll be complaining about this everywhere I can.  If you are unhappy about the loss of TWC, I hope you do so as well.

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BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL AND THE LOCAL WEATHER ON CHANNEL 49!!!!!!  The "Acuweather" STINKS BIG TIME and this weather bug thing is pure CRAP!!!  It is giving weather for someplace I can't even find on a map!!!  If the problem is price then get rid of half the news channels that do nothing but repeat what news is reported by other news channels.  How many ways can you honestly report the SAME news???  Also, get rid of half the sports channels because there are just too many of them out there!!!  With these reductions the cost of the Weather Channel should be easy to pay!

BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL, it is one of the few channels with something worth watching!!!!

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I am very ANGRY that Verizon has dropped The Weather Channel! I have been watching the Weather Channel since the 1980's. It is one of my favorite stations and I would have it on for hours when there was a storm. I also enjoyed watching the stories The Weather Channel would show. Also every time a storm was approaching I would turn on weather scan to check the radar. Now there is no more radar! It's a joke that Verizon thinks that Accu weather is even close to being comparable to The Weather Channel. Do they think we are **bleep**! I just renewed my contract for another 2 years and a week later I find out that Verizon dropped The Weather Channel. Do you think customer service could have mentioned that they will no longer be including the Weather Channel when I renewed so I could make the decision whether I still want to renew. No, because Verizon just wants our money and couldn't care less about what the customers think. We should get a discount or be able to drop our contract with no penalty since they dropped the Weather Channel without notifying us. It's totally ridiculous the amount of money Verizon charges us for FIOS and they can't renew the contract for The Weather Channel. Bring Back The Weather Channel!!!!
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I want my Weather Channel back! Keep your Accuweather but I insist you bring back the Weather Channel. The first and iconic all weather related broadcasting for over 20+ years The Weather Channel.

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The Weather Channel is a necessary channel that should be  in every basic cable package.  The weather affects everyone and all aspects of our lives.  It should never be up for debate whether or not to pull the channel. The higher-ups are paid well for their negotiating and managing skills and their abilities to serve the public.  They should never get into a situation where something this important impedes their ability to reach a resolution amicably.  Their customers should not be placed in a position to feel they must jump ship to receive services they were promised.  The entire cable experience is to have choices to get information and be entertained, and not just have what someone decides you should have.

You all need to get this together and remember what made you so  successful - your customers!  We matter. 

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My wife has been complaining every day about the loss of the weather channel and weather scan. She watched these channels all the time. She vehemently despises accuweather and weatherbug. It is a bad business decision to remove a channel that many have been watching for 33 years. Your explanatory email about how people get the weather had to be written by an arrogant 30 year old. If you cared to survey your older customers, you will find that they prefer to get their weather on the television rather than on their smart phone.
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I feel the same way, we pay enough money for this service and I leave fios unfortunately.  Why in the world would they get rid of the most popular weather station in the world???  Who knows but I am changing this service to someone who appreciates their customers.  Remember the customer is always right!

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I completely agree and am reviewing options for other service providers.  Cant believe that a mainstream like the TWC would just be eliminated.

Time to say goodbye to Fios and my entire home package.

Not Happy!

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Why did you change the Weather Channel.

Accu Weather is useless. It takes twenty minutes or more to find the weather for my location. As you wait, one had to listen to endless inane advertisements.

You need to learn about customer service. You continue to downgrade services  yet increase prices. I am thinking of

switching to Comcast.

Why don't you consider your customers?

Richard Krimm

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Still totally TICKED OFF! Ten days later and I still HATE VERIZON FIOS. It amazes me how they keep digging until their customers can't stand them anymore and switch back to COMCAST

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TEN DAYS LATER AND I STILL HATE VERIZON FOR TAKING OFF THE WEATHER CHANNEL! It amazes me how they keep digging until they drive their customers back to COMCAST or DISH or WHATEVER ELSE IS AVAILABLE!

Are they getting paid off by Accuweather or something? I can't think of any other  reason they'd put this USELESS channel on