The Weather Channel
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I hate come customers did not have a choice or a vote to keep The Weather Channel???? AccuWeather stinks, there are no REAL stories nor do the show any weather people out in the field......this is the worst, I watch the weather channel everyday. I might just think about changing my service to someone who has The Weather Channel!!! I hate this.....ugh !

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I agree, there is no comparison of this poor rendition on Accuweather to what the Weather Channel provided. Additionally Fios charges just keep increasing for less and less. The few channels I do want are only provided with packages,  so I am stuck getting it for what I really want.

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Bad move canceling TWC. Accuweather is not a legitimate replacement. It's a smartphone app, not TV programming..
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I do too.  The replacement is just not acceptable.  This is not what I paid for and I am seriously considering a change in providers.


Very much agree- I can not believe this has been pulled from our service!  Living in Florida REQUIRES vigilance in monitoring the weather!  This is a SAFETY issue for us!