The Weather Channel
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I hate come customers did not have a choice or a vote to keep The Weather Channel???? AccuWeather stinks, there are no REAL stories nor do the show any weather people out in the field......this is the worst, I watch the weather channel everyday. I might just think about changing my service to someone who has The Weather Channel!!! I hate this.....ugh !

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In typical Verizon fashion, we are losing The Weather Channel at the same time we loyal customers are being charged more for the same service.

The arrogance of Verizon executives is boundless.

Throttling Internet bandwidth in order to upsell the service we should already be getting.

Pouring millions into lobbyists and govt to force us to pay more for adequate service.

Overpaying under performing executives.

Providing substandard customer service.

Bombarding public television with offensive advertisements.

The energy I have to exert to FORCE Verizon to honor the agreement I signed with them is ridiculous.

When my contract is up, I will cut them off completely. I need less grief in my life, and Verizon is a top exporter of grief these days.

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AccuWeather is horrible! It looks like a high school video project!

FIOS should be embarrassed for adding it to the channel lineup. They don't even show the weather for my area. All we keeping getting from FIOS is lousy channels for more money. BRING BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL!
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With no prior notice, Weatherscan has been dropped. Now I can check the radar for Richmond Virginia or some other location which has no relevance for me, but will have to wait to see my own.  That really makes sense.  Guess I'll just turn off the TV,  THANKS Verizon!

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This is ridiculous. We pay premium prices for this service. Many rely on the accurate and timely weather for their livelihood and well-being. This replacement will not suffice. If Verizon has the option to cancel a service that we, in good faith, have paid to have, do we have the option to discount our payment due to discounted service or due to you not providing the service we agreed to? Hurricane and severe weather season is coming, Verizon, please fix this. You have enough money to pay Weather Channel - you raise our prices, pay for increase costs with it instead of lining your pockets. Like others have stated, contracts come up for renewal - there are options for other providers. At least we can choose who to send our hard earned money to.