What is causing a Droid Maxx XT1080 to have wifi connection problems?

The posts that I have read about wifi issues on Droid Maxx XT1080 are all dated OCT to DEC of 2015. 

I have been experiencing wifi connection issues since last Friday 4/25/2016.  There were some app updates during the week that were done.  Google+ was the most recent one.  On Monday night the phone turned the AutoBackup feature of Google+ on by itself and quickly used up 75% of my data plan until I shut the phone off.  I went to a local Verizon store near my home and spoke to a tech.  The tech explored the phone and he finally restricted the data usage of Google+ so it wouldn't take more.  He saw that it connected to the stores wifi at the time but soon after leaving it went to 4G.  When we returned home thinking that all was well, it still failed to connect to the home wifi even sitting right next to the router. The observation I made was that I must turn the phone off then back on to get the phone to connect to the FIOS router but it soon loses it's connection.  My wife's Droid Maxx and the Galaxy tablet have no problem connecting.

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Re: What is causing a Droid Maxx XT1080 to have wifi connection problems?
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I’m sorry to hear about the recent struggles with connecting your phone to WiFi, 883hdrider. With us on your side we will certainly find a solution. Thank you for providing us a detailed description of the issue. Other then the Verizon store WiFi have you been able to connect the device to other WiFi locations? If you can that means we can narrow down the issue to just your home WiFi and your device.

Since this happened after the applications updated we will want to attempt connecting the device in safe mode. This will disable third party applications that could be causing the issues. If the issue doesn’t duplicate in safe mode that means it is application related. Please click here for the steps: http://vz.to/1VWBD3W . Please keep us posted.

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