Windows 8 Phones not welcome

Verizon's support of Windows phone is below satisfactory.  Phone selection is poor, little to no accessories in store and customer service reps that will almost fight you not to buy a Windows phone in favor of Apple or Android.  I've owned both, both suck.

That being said, I will be buying my contracts out (I know it's expensive but don't care at this point) beginning the first of the year (4 lines) and moving to AT&T.  Their phone selections for Windows is OUTSTANDING!  It seems Verizon has been kicked backed by competitors of Windows Phone, like many app developers to not support window phones, I'm sure (my opinion, no facts).  To me this could be the only explanation to pass up on revenue from those who will not own Apple or Android.

I remember when Android first came out, there were very few apps and hardly anyone owned the phones, then overnight the apps were developed, released and it took off.  Funny how this hasn't happened for Windows Phone.  How hard can it be to convert C++ app from one device to another... it's not.  The only thing that would prevent that would be Verizon and developers hoping Windows phone will fails without their apps, or the programmers at these companies are not good enough programmers to convert their apps to Windows.

Once a descent cable company comes to my area I will be abandoning Verizon Fios as well due to their treatment of Windows phone.  Yes, I love Windows products and am just as radical about it as others are about Apple and Android. 

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Re: Windows 8 Phones not welcome
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It all is about money.

Not only is the windows phone sales weak, they have even lost ground.

My lord its like buying an amazon Fire device at AT&T that also will not make loads of cash for the cellular providers.

Apps are not made by cell phone providers. However I have read Verizon wants to attempt the app store once again which failed the last time out.

Verizon Plans to Build Yet Another App Store | DSLReports, ISP Information

The cell companies sell access to the cellular and data networks. That is all.

Re: Windows 8 Phones not welcome
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Of course they have lost ground with Verizon and their sale people cutting the legs out from under the product!  If some one cut your legs off then you can't run very well and Verizon's people are doing a great job of push Android and Apple devices.  Go ask one about a Windows phone and they immediately push either or both of the others.  I know as soon as my contract is up I am looking elsewhere for cell service!  Sales people that lie, Customer Service people that lie or only try to up sale not really help.  Thank you I can get that anywhere and maybe faster upgrades on the device of MY choice.