Xbox NFL Network - FiOS Account Error?

I am attempting to connect my Xbox One's NFL app to my Verizon FiOS account via the following steps:

  1. Go into Xbox One NFL app
  2. Hit the menu button, then Y to go to settings
  3. Scroll to NFL Services, press A
  4. Select NFL Network option, press A
  5. Select Provider, press A
  6. Select Verizon Fios
  7. Go to and enter the activation code on the screen, click Continue
  8. You are now sent over to FiOS to login to your account

This is the point where the Verizon website says:

NFL Network subscription required.

To watch NFL Network, you must subscribe to a FiOS TV package that includes NFL Network, such as Extreme HD or Ultimate HD.


I have the Preferred HD bundle which has NFL Network, I contacted customer support via online chat and was 0 help hopefully someone here can help out.

Re: Xbox NFL Network - FiOS Account Error?
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I know this is old...  Did you ever get a response of get this to work?  I am having the exact same issue.

Re: Xbox NFL Network - FiOS Account Error?
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