verizon FIOS TV App on XBOX 360
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Verizon FIOS TV app not working on the xbox360. ;
1=> Verizon told me They do not fix issues on the xbox
2=> They repeatedly told me it is working on mobile phone, tablet & pc, so my xbox is the issue.
3=> After actually listening to my issue, I was told to contact Microsoft.
4=> Microsoft told me to contact Verizon.
5=> After contacting both Verizon & Microsoft over half a dozen times each.
They both still claim the problem with Verizon FIOS TV application on the XBOX360 gaming console is not their issue.
6=> After a few FAILED attempts by both to resolve the issue, it has only gotten worse.
Now, every time I start the app it ask me to accept the EULA and does not get pass the AUTHENTICATION step.
7=> Before its current condition, the following was displayed under the account tab;
Device ID: Data at root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.
zip code: 19720
EAS Region Code: 10_003
8=> I was able to load and view TV using the Verizon Watch ABC live application.

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