Incompetent Login through My Verizon

This is my first time using Verizon, where I got a new phone number by joining in Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plus via purchasing a Verizon SIM card at a retail store for a LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW/ Model LM-V600VM I have. The good news was the activation is a success. The bad news? I don’t even have a User ID to begin with nor a password. I have my new phone number, and whenever I use it to search for my info by adding a 5-digit ZIP Code for my user ID, it says, “Looks like the information you entered doesn’t match with our records.” What the heck?! I was able to register this phone by inputting my email address and ZIP code correctly to activate it, only for the login process to be THIS stubborn. I can’t even login into not just My Verizon, but other apps as well…

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Jamemelend3. We definitely understand your concern with getting your My Verizon account up and running. We have replied in a Private Note to assist you further.