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10 Months After Trade-In - Still No Credit Applied

This has been an absolute nightmare and Verizon needs to make this right ASAP. Back in January my wife and I went to the local Verizon store to upgrade our phones to take advantage of the $700 promo per line and the associate ordered incorrect/backordered products (we told him this prior to ordering) while also incorrectly upgrading us to the highest phone service that we didn't need. I went back in the next day to have this corrected and the new associate canceled the previous order and supposedly corrected everything with the phones and service. At no fault to Verizon, the phones were stolen out of their boxes, so I had customer service send the same phones back out to us but all of these orders/cancellations had my wife's account flagged so we needed to order it under my mom's line on the same family plan but could supposedly just switch at the time we activate. Well, that wasn't true. We were able to switch them over but the contract was signed under my mom's line so she can't upgrade until this next January, very frustrating but not the end of the world. We waited for a few months and never saw the trade-in credits applied so we reached out to customer service and they supposedly applied the promo correction and confirmed they received the phones at their warehouse. This, again, wasn't true. I repeated this process every other billing cycle to account for their "processing times" excuses, then it was previous associates "not correctly applying the credit," then it was the "original order was canceled so the phones were just sitting there until applied to a trade-in number" so we had new ones created and this supposedly fixed it with a catch up credit to be seen on the next bill - all not true and still no credits waiting another two billing cycles. This has been 10 months of Verizon blunders all while they took two of our phones without any trade-in credits. I'll be calling AGAIN today but somebody needs to reach out to me ASAP to get his resolved as I will be pursuing external options if not resolved this time around.

Re: 10 Months After Trade-In - Still No Credit Applied
Customer Support

We also are concerned it has taken so long. We do thank you for the details, and we are eager to help you correct the Trade in credits. Please send us a private message, Tell us what the tracking and Submission id so we may review them. 

- Jose

Re: 10 Months After Trade-In - Still No Credit Applied

 I have not received my $700 trade in credit as described on the call when I upgraded. After several frustrating customer service calls and chats, I realized they have applied a "Credit" each month to my bill. When you do the math, the full price of the phone, ($999.oo usd), minus the $700 credit over 36 months works out. But, if you pay your new phone off early, you loose your remaining credit. (see underlined RED in their agreement below) Verizon is legally stealing your phone if you payoff your new phone early! IT IS YET ANOTHER BAIT & SWITCH.

After reviewing ALL the trade-in terms DO NOT state if you pay off you device early, you will loose you any remaining $700 credit.  If you look below, (underlined in red), you will see you have (2) plans and (2) credit options for realizing/receiving the credit for each listed below. If you do go this route, ONLY request the Verizon debit card and be specific with the Verizon Representative. Very Shady, but unfortunately, typical for Verizon.

"How and when do I get my trade-in credit(s)?

Trade-in credit(s) based on market value will be issued within two (2) weeks after Verizon receives your device(s) and validates make/model, eligibility and condition, in the form of a Verizon electronic gift card, unless you are a Verizon customer logged in to your wireless account when the trade-in order is created, in which case you may request that the trade-in credit(s) be applied as a one (1) time bill credit on your Verizon account. Verizon electronic gift card is issued in the name of the person identified in the trade-in order submission and emailed to the address provided. See Verizon for current terms and conditions applicable to Verizon gift cards.

Trade-in credit(s) based on promo value will be applied, within two (2) weeks after Verizon receives your device(s) and validates make/model, eligibility and condition, in accordance with the applicable promotion, (i.e., a recurring bill credit on your Verizon account for the number of months specified in the applicable promotion, a one (1) time bill credit on your Verizon account or a Verizon electronic gift card). Trade-in credit(s) based on promo value are subject to reversal if I don't comply with the Special Rules.

For assistance, call the Verizon wireless Device Trade-in Program customer support at (800) 416–8894 or click the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives."