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2 day shipping on day 3 now still no phone

I ordered a phone Friday March 4, 2022. There were 2 options for shipping. Free 2 day or 1 day. I chose free 2 day. When I got my tracking number it says FedEx expects delivery Tuesday March 8 by 8pm. That's 4 days by any calendar. So I called and spoke to Verizon rep Jasmine. Jasmine first told me that because I ordered after 2pm that my 2 days starts Saturday. No where on any page that I went through while placing my order said anything about a cut off time. I told Jasmine that means it should still be here by Monday. Jasmine said she doesn't think FedEx delivers on weekends. Then continued about her own anecdotal experience of never ordering anything and receiving it on a Sunday. Funny because it was Sunday and I had just received a FedEx delivery from Lowes that morning. Jasmine said she would check. She comes back a few minutes later and after apparently looking it up and realizing that FedEx does indeed deliver on Sundays she decided to change her answer to say 2 days actually means 2 business days. It seems Jasmine was full of excuses for Verizon's unclear wording. Horrible customer service. What happened to Verizon? They used to have the best customer service. I explained to Jasmine that it doesn't say business days anywhere on the Verizon website order pages and I read to her exactly what I was looking at on the Verizon website that I ordered from. Jasmine still insisted that I was somehow supposed to know that the word business was implied. After her arguing with me and interrupting and speaking over me while I was talking I asked to speak to her supervisor. Got the same non answer from her supervisor Keisha. I asked Keisha to tell me where on Verizon's website does it say 2 days actually means 2 business days. Keisha couldn't tell me. I went through the same thing with this "supervisor". I told her that I can only go by the actual words I'm reading on her website. 2 days means 2 days. This was not during a holiday. And FedEx was open and delivering on time 7 days a week. But Keisha tried to tell me its between me and FedEx. I told her I didn't buy the phone from FedEx. And its not FedEx's site that says 2 days doesn't include Saturday and Sunday. Because why would FedEx say that? If I ship 2 days through FedEx they don't care if its a weekend or not. Over 500 of the same comments on here about the same thing for 10 years now Verizon. And all you had to do to prevent this was add the word business to your order page. You don't get to print something on an order screen and not honor it. You are misleading your customers. And you can't blame this on FedEx. What happened to your amazing customer service Verizon? 

Re: 2 day shipping on day 3 now still no phone

FedEx says 2 business days.,o....

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.