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$200 Gift Card for switching to LTE Home Internet Never Honored
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I received a promotional email from Verizon in September 2021 offering a $200 Verizon gift card for switching to their LTE internet. I went ahead and signed up for the plan in October 2021 and was told after 30 days of use, I would receive the gift card which never happened. 

In October 2021, I had to reach out about a one time charge of $52 for the internet set up. I was not told about this charge and had to dispute it to have it credited. It was not fully credited back to the account as they wrapped in my Loyalty Discount and only gave me $34.67 back, but at least it was something.

Since December 2021, I have reached out multiple times for updates with no avail. I keep being told that my request has been sent to the promotional team for review and that it will take another billing cycle for the gift card to be credited to my account.

In December 2021, I reached out  find out the status my gift card. I was told that my request was sent to the promotional team for review as this rep had no clue about the promotion (which I still have a copy in my email) and I should receive email updating the status. Never received this email or gift card. I reached out again and was told that my account had been credited and I will see it reflected on the next bill. This never happened either.

I reached out in January 2022 and said my request was sent to the promotional team again and I should await an email or text. Never received either.

I reached out again on February 21, 2022 and spoke with a supervisor. I was told that my request had been escalated and I would receive an email with a status update within 5 days. I asked for a confirmation that this would happen and this supervisor guaranteed this would happen or would reach out to me directly regarding the issue. Never heard from the promotional team or this supervisor.

I reached around February 24th, 2022 for an update and was told again that my request is still escalated with the promotional team and that I would receive an update shortly. Never received an update.

I reached out again today, March 11, 2022 and was told again my escalated request is still under review. For my inconvenience, I was offered a 4G Network Extender free of charge that would "boost my internet and cell phone signal". I researched this equipment and it clearly states on Verizon's website "Note: The Network Extender can enhance your calling or 3G data coverage. It's not designed to enhance 4G LTE data coverage." This would do nothing for my 4G LTE home internet or both cell phones as they are on the 5G plan. Why would this even be offered? After that, I was offered $350 Guaranteed Trade In value and $450 off select Samsung Upgrade.  Why would I want this when all I want is my promotional credit from 5 months ago? I asked if anything else could be offered and I was offered a "$5 inconvenience credit". That was another slap in the face.

Why would Verizon offer up this promotion, but make it so difficult to claim it? It has now been 5 months since I made the switch to their internet service and NO ONE has been able to tell me when I will receive my credit. This is beyond ridiculous and their customer service is clueless on how to help a customer of 20+ years.

I would like to know how Verizon is going to fix this issue or if it's better to take my phones and internet service to another provider.



Re: $200 Gift Card for switching to LTE Home Internet Never Honored
Customer Support

Good afternoon. I'm sorry to hear of the experience you've had. I'd like to help. You said you've spoken with us several times. Are you reaching our Rebate team at 877-899-8980?