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2021 BYOD Rebate - Bait and Switch


We are new to Verizon-leaving Sprint after 15 years. We started services on August 12, 2021. We exchanged three paid in full iPhones and purchased four new phones-three are iphone 12. We were told since we brought our own phones, we would receive three $350 e-gift cards via email to apply towards the equipment balance. The manager, Ben, provided me with instructions to register for the rebate. We have yet to receive the gift cards. I have spoken with several agents who point fingers, drop calls and don't call me back (Probably assuming I'll not immediately call back because of exorbitant wait times), I've visited the store and spoken with Darrian, and have had other agents attempt to convince me we received a better deal (If such a deal existed, we were not made aware). Today I learned Ben's Verizon store is an indirect Verizon location and was running their own specials at the time we made the switch. I was told if it were a direct store, Verizon could resubmit the discount, but cannot control what employees of indirect stores offer to customers. In other words, according to the agent I spoke with, Verizon WILL NOT HONOR bait and switch tactics indirect stores use to lure your business. The agent did inform me she would use the feedback from my call to provide to staff for future trainings. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me now. The agent further stated she couldn't find the BYOD offer anytime around the time we became Verizon customers. However, a quick Google search revealed this same tactic was used on other customers around the same time as us according to the Verizon community forum. At the time of purchase, Ben further sweetened the deal by telling us we'd be eligible for the first responder's discount. Again, following Ben's written instructions, we applied for this discount only to be denied several times. Verizon should honor promotions offered by ALL of its stores. When I visited the Verizon store where we purchased the phones and switched services, I didn't see a sign that read, "Indirect Verizon Store-Offers Here May Not Be Honored By Verizon Corporate." I think any reasonable person would assume, as did we, if it reads "Verizon" on the front door, it is a Verizon dealer with Verizon employees and Verizon offers. I would like to have the e-gift cards emailed to me as well as the First Responder's discount we were promised when we made the switch.

Re: 2021 BYOD Rebate - Bait and Switch
Customer Support

This has gone on for far too long and want to ensure that you are getting all eligible promotions.  We wan to welcome you to our Verizon family the right way.  A private message is being sent now to assist you further.-Sean

Re: 2021 BYOD Rebate - Bait and Switch

Follow up conversation with customer service...‎


10:16 AM Thanks for meeting us here in the secure chat window! Let's figure out what's going on with your $350 gift card offer. Do you have anything from when you originally signed up at the store showing the offer details such as a flyer or email by any chance? 

‎10:22 AM Thank you! I'm sorry, I do not. The only think i have is the piece of paper the manager, , wrote on with the instructions on how to apply for the first responder discount and to "watch for email for $350 e gift card for 3#s."

‎10:37 AM What is on that slip of paper that wrote down? Was another email used during the rebate submission? We're still looking for that rebate tracking number 

‎10:39 AM  On the paper, wrote down instructions for registering my new Verizon account online. The instructions include: 1. How to set up auto pay, 2. How to set up Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN, 3. How to download Verizon Cloud App, 4. How to apply for First Responder discount. Also included is the quote from above, "Watch for email for $350 e gift card for 3#s", instructions to cancel our table through Sprint, and instructions to wait 24 hours to register the cell/helmet case for the $300 guarantee. The email used is...

‎10:44 AM Inspecting every combination of that email and your numbers regrettably did not produce that rebate submission. In looking further at promotion code 2021BYOD350 from August 2021, I see that this promotion's parameters were "Customers get a $350 Verizon eGift Card when activating any eligible Bring Your Own Device 4G/5G smartphone." I see that new phones were purchased then.

‎10:59 AM Yes, we purchased 4 new phones because told us we could use the $350 e gift cards to pay the equipment balances down. If you'll look int he Verizon Community boards, there are a lot of other customers like me who were promised these same things only to learn they were baited. There is no excuse for that other than he was motivated by commission or numbers, and the deal should be honored.

‎11:04 AM It's completely possible that we're missing a component due to a limited perspective. The account though reflects that three lines are on a promotion where $x per month is taken off the price of the phone (bx / month on the line ending in ....) I understand the presentation was not met. In gathering the totals, 2 phones over the course of the 24 payments will end up being around $x ($x - $y) and another $x ($x- $y). $x+ $y+ $z= $a The 3 egifts would total $b. I bring this up to indicate more on why we are unable to issue the gift cards. The equipment balances for the three lines would be a situation where there equipment balance is less that $0. 

‎11:22 AM None of that is our fault. must have known about the promotion you mentioned above but still guaranteed three $350 gift cards. The gift cards cannot be issued because it would benefit us by having a zero balance on our equipment and have money left to apply toward our monthly bill? never said the gift cards had to used on equipment. He said they could be used on equipment. The store manager, , set up our monthly payments, including the promotion mentioned above and promised three $350 gift cards. This same situation is a reoccurring theme on the Verizon Community Board.

We are very sorry about this experience. We always want our customers to be able to get any promotional offer that they qualify for. We apologize that the $350 gift cards are only a valid promotional offer while not purchasing new phones with us on the Device Payment Plan, especially with promotions for those new phones.

‎11:46 AM The "promotions for those new phones" is irrelevant. That was part of the packaged deal when we signed - and not considered a promotion. Diverting the conversation back to the "promotions for those new phones" is not why I contacted customer service and is a sleight of hand technique. A manager promised us three $350 e gift cards for the phones we purchased from his store and then didn't provide. Managers can promise whatever they want and if they fail to provide, it won't be honored by Verizon. Is that accurate?