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$280 Device dollars gone

So I went to upgrade my phone today and noticed $280 device dollars GONE!  

What kind of company does this?  I called customer service and they said "nothing they can do".  I find that hard to believe.  This is NOT how you keep customers. 

I left AT&T after 10yrs because they refused to give me the same deal as new customers.  I ended up coming to Verizon and was pleasantly surprised that they offered these "Device Dollars".  I kept saving them up, month after month and now when I go to use them, they're gone?  They were expiring month by month and I was fine with that, but then they ALL went away.  What kind of business does this?

Re: $280 Device dollars gone
Customer Support

Hello. We are very sorry to hear about the concern that has come up with no longer having your Device Dollars that you saved. We completely understand how disappointing this can be and we certainly want to assist in every way that we can. Verizon Up no longer supports Device Dollars and this reward has expired on June 30, 2022 which was the last day that Device Dollars could be used. Below is a link you can click on to view our Verizon Up rewards FAQs page on our website which covers this more.