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$300 rebate for switching to Verizon

I already sent a private message to Verizon Customer support a few days ago, but haven't heard back yet. Provided them with some screenshots, but will be removing screenshots from here for privacy concerns. 

The rebate was for a $300 Mastercard Gift Card for porting in my phone number from a previous carrier. The promotion ended on August 1st. (Verizon.PNG)

July 24th: Decided to switch to Verizon with 3 lines. Did some research and got to know about the $300 MasterCard gift card promo

July 26th: Tried switching to Verizon with 3 lines, also with 3 trade-ins. Received an error for my trade-in device. I gave up after an hour.

July 27th: Called Verizon CS regarding this, said that it's a bug.

July 28th: Another trade-in promo error popped up, had a chat with an agent, they said it's a bug as well (Chat screenshot hidden).

July 30th: Successfully added 3 of my lines to the cart, went to checkout and another error popped up. Contacted CS and they said "sorry, we are doing server maintenance right now, you cannot place the order, try again tomorrow" (Chat screenshot hidden)

July 31st: Same error popped up again, was told to place the order again tomorrow. Told CS about the promo and more than 3 agents promised that Verizon will still honor the promo - yes, 3 agents, 2 through chats, 1 on the call

August 1st: Contacted telesales department and tried to have them place an order for me. After 30 mins they were unable to place the order as well. I gave up after 3 hours.

August 2nd: Called Verizon and was told that I had a duplicate credit application, which makes no sense. This was the first time I joined Verizon. They cleared out the old application and told me to contact an agent through chat and have them place the order for me.
Successfully placed an order through the help of an Agent, asked her/him about the promo, and was given a number to call (promo honor.PNG). Called them and they said I will have to activate all the lines first, then they will be able to honor the promo.
I waited till August 8th

August 8th: Got the devices brought through Verizon, activated all of them. Contacted Verizon and waited in the queue for 2 hours. Finally gave up.

August 12th: Called Verizon again and got someone to help me with the promo. An agent named "Tanika" was very polite and professional. She said she will definitely take care of this. But first I was told to provide her with all the chat transcripts regarding the promo. I sent an email to her with all the transcripts as an attachment (Screenshot hidden). She said she will fill out the promo application for me, after 20 mins I got a rebate submission email(promo email.PNG). She told me not to click the email and I didn't. After sharing all the information on my lines, she said that the rebate application was successfully submitted and I should expect an email from Rebate Center in a week or two. Waited 2 weeks and never got anything.

August 26th: Contacted Verizon CS again and was told to wait 8 weeks. I did.

Oct 7th: Contacted an agent through Chat. He said I should have received the rebates by now. He filled out a ticket and told me to wait a week or so. I waited and never heard back.

I have yet to hear back. This is very frustrating and stressful. I would have never switched to Verizon if not for that promo and now I am stuck with Verizon for 2 years. If I don't have this resolved soon, I will have to get a third party to step in and have this problem solved for me.

I have met all the promo requirements and I made that sure through a Verizon agent.

Got 3 lines in total with the ported-in phone numbers as well as 3 devices on DPP as required by the promo.