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$50 restock fee under 24 hours of purchase?

Likely wrong board; but even this lends towards the downward spiral of customer service at Verizon.

I've been with Verizon for over 15 years and I've stayed primarily for the strong coverage that I need and the cost of switching wasn't worth it.  Also, I've usually had very good assistance and support whenever it has been needed over the years.  As of today, I can't say Verizon is about customer service any longer.

Primary case in point:  We purchased a Home Phone Connect device around 7pm on 7/27 at our local Topeka KS corporate store.  My wife and daughter did the purchase after waiting almost 30 minutes for someone to assist them after they checked in.  After they came home, I discovered our cable company would do the same for us at $5 per month, so I took the device back, unused, to the same Topeka location the next day (7/28) around 2pm.

After checking in and waiting 15 minutes, the process began for the return. During the process, which took an additional 10 minutes, I was informed I needed to pay the $50 restock fee.  I understand the return policy; I don't understand why it applies to a device returned in less than 24 hours and totally unused by a client.  It's especially frustrating since I've been a longtime subscriber with anywhere from 8-11 lines of service at one time.

Bottom line, I've was charged 29.99 setup fee (unreturned) and 50.00 restock fee so the $99 device (not including taxes and fees) ran me almost $80 to less than 24 hours of purchase.

This would have been sent as a direct email, but of course, the website has no email address to be sent.  So I'm posting it here.  If I'm not refunded the setup fee and restock fee within 48 hours, or satisfied by customer service in another method I call good, I'll post this on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts listed and will likely forward to Consumer Reports and Google reviews.

Please respond. This shouldn't have ever been an issue in the first place no matter my length of service.  Also, keep in mind AT&T and T-Mobile have now matched you coverage and their plans are looking awful appealing right now.

Re: $50 restock fee under 24 hours of purchase?

Tenure doesn't invalidate being unable to sell a product as new anymore, it's why restocking fees exist. If the device was unopened in the original package, you can work with them to waive the fee. If it's already opened, you get charged a restocking fee. 

But since you mentioned a setup fee, you weren't dealing with a corporate store since that fee isn't a Verizon one. Look at your receipt and contact TCC, Victra, Cellular Sales or whoever the company was you dealt with.

Re: $50 restock fee under 24 hours of purchase?
Customer Support

ksmoore6, we appreciate the information in regard to your recent experience, and we will be happy to assist you with your concerns. Please respond to the Private Note that we are sending you, and we will be happy to continue at your earliest convenience.