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55+ Plan

I know several people in other states that have been able to get the 55+ plan (other than the states listed on the website) but when I called I was told it wasn't an option for me.  We have been customers for 22+ years and obviously our loyalty to Verizon means nothing.  We are activly looking elsewhere for plans that are more affordable.

Re: 55+ Plan

Same problem here, 

TMobile is offering us a 55+ plan which we are actively considering.

Re: 55+ Plan
Customer Support

We appreciate your business and your loyalty for all of these years.I can understand how appealing that sticker price looks to someone outside of the wireless business. To that I would like to say, make sure that you are looking at the plan terms. There are a lot of stipulations to the inclusive price and you can check this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the T Mobile plan advertisement (there is a pink link at the bottom of the plan options) here: .

You can compare that to our plan information here:

You will find that although T Mobile claims that they are offering more "service" for less ( the advertised price does include autopay), they actually restrict you much more with their throttling practices (when you are off of their network or traveling internationally) and charge you for very trivial things like sim cards and domestic roaming (which is a feature you will need because the T Mobile network is much smaller than ours). I would be very happy to make sure that you are on the right plan for the right price and see if we have an offer for 55+ Plan pricing in your account. If this is something you would like to discuss further, please send me a Private Note.