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55 Plus plan in 2021

 I live in Maryland and I continue to have the 55plus plan with unlimited everything at $60 per month. I guess I was "grandfathered" in before they discontinued this plan everywhere except for Florida (where I obviously not am). I got a new phone a couple months ago (Iphone 12 Pro) and this plan transferred to the new phone (which surprised me). When I go to My Verizon, it suggest that a better plan for me is the Unlimited plan with 5G service at $70 a month ($10 more). It offers various perks like free tv channels for a few months (like Disney), but the unlimited part is the same. The biggest difference is that 55plus uses 4g LTE, no 5G service. I am not having any issues with the 4GLTE service, and I am a heavy duty data/text/app user. What benefit, in your opinion, would be a reason to switch to the Unlimited 5G in my situation? 

Second question -- I would like to add my spouse to my plan. He is also a current Verizon user and has the same service as me, but for some reason he isn't on the 55 plus plan. Will I be able to continue with the 55 plus plan once he is added, and would he be able to have the 55 plan benefits once he transfers his number over to my plan? 

I can't find any clear answers about these questions, and I'm getting conflicting information depending on which Verizon person I talk to. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone else have these same questions? 


John R

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Re: 55 Plus plan in 2021
Customer Support

JohnRepulski, it is important to have the correct details regarding plans before you make a change. To first clarify, any new lines added to your account will not be eligible for a grandfathered plan. This means that in order to add the line, the lowest cost plan would be the Start Unlimited, which is likely the Unlimited 5G plan you are referring to as there are several. The Mix and Match Unlimited means you would both upgrade to the Start Unlimited. The Start Unlimited is much like the grandfathered 55 + Go Unlimited Plan in that it offers unlimited talk, text and data. The Start Unlimited does not have mobile hotspot, but does offer 5G services where available. 5G Nationwide is available in most areas. In addition, this offers 6 months trials for Disney +, Discovery +, Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass and Apple Music. In addtion, Play More and Do More are available for $10 more a month than this and do have more benefits like the Disney Bundle free with the Play More and each offer 15GB of hotspot data. Please see the link below for more details.