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$800 Trade-IN for iPhone 14

I had a delay in getting my credit last year and although initially they claimed the phone was never received, I sent them tracking info which clearly showed exactly when the phone was received at their receiving Dock. Now I've heard all sorts of horror stories about how the credit was significantly reduced upon "inspecting" the received devices.

I have an open and honest question to Verizon. Are the receiving agents somehow "taught" to discard a certain percentage of the devices received ? It sounds like they are educated on how not to honor the trade in so that the end result is only a small percentage of trade ins are honored. 

Simply put, why isn't what was advertised to begin with honored in good faith ? What exactly is Verizon's intention with this program ? Also precisely which part of this process takes months ? It isn't some rocket science is it ? Is it deliberately delayed just so that trade ins are not given in a timely manner ?

Is it that difficult to make the process seamless and efficient ? Precisely what is the issue here ? Only a few people at the receiving dock making go/no go decisions for the trade -INs ? Why not involve the network of VzW stores for this ? 

Why not just have the customer walk in to a VzW store and the employee there checks the phone then and there and this way the trade in is honored instantly ? This way no need to wait excessively or under the anxiety whether the trade-IN would be honored at all.

I think from Verizon's point of view delaying the trade in or not honoring it at all with multiple excuses works best for them. Otherwise why would there be so many customer's complaining about this ?

Of course VzW knows about this but that's probably how the program is designed in the first place with the hope that the trade-IN isn't honored (or excessively delayed) for most customers.

Sad state of affairs really.

Unfortunately my experience last year was no different.

I want to upgrade 3 of my lines with this $800 trade in program but am very worried about either the trade-in being excessively delayed OR being not honored at all with any excuse. The current program clearly states that damaged devices (meaning with cracks) are accepted. Are the receiving agents educated on this at all before they discard devices as being 'damaged' ? All that needs to happen is for this to be clearly communicated to them.


It is a good trade-IN program however only if it is honored and not excessively delayed. Otherwise a customer spends hours on the phone speaking with multiple agents. It was very frustrating last year when I went through this.


Verizon, please take notice. The above issues aren't fictional. They're absolutely REAL. I faced them myself during past trade-INS. Question is, is there a will to fix this at all. Remains to be seen.