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$800 trade-in not honered

Ive been dealing with Verizon for 3 weeks or more trying to get the $800 I was promised for trading in my iPhone 11 and going to the iPhone Max.  The problem occurred when the chat rep quoted me the monthly price with the $800 trade-in, but when I received the new phone I realized the rep didn't even start a trade-in process.  I've now been going back and forth for weeks with rep after rep telling me they can still honor it.  I've got screenshots of the chats and even emails from a rep telling me I would be getting the $800 credit after they receive the old phone.  She said that she could manually put in the correct amount.  Well surprise after I sent in the phone I emailed her to tell her and she responded that she's on leave and I should go through the chat again.  Crazy!  I actually did that today (1 hour) and it seemed promising.  We got to the point where it showed I was getting $700.  The rep said she could fix the $100 difference on her end but I was ok with $700 at this point.  The rep asked for the submission ID and I didn't see one so I sent her what was on my screen.  The rep said ok thanks and the session ended.  I've gotten no emails and the trade-in is not showing on the online account.   I can only believe one of two things.  This is an intentional runaround by Verizon so they don't have to give me what they promised, or their people are extremely poorly trained.  It's really remarkable how bad this has been.  I'm going to start looking for another provider next week. #iphone