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9 phone calls in 2 months to Verizon issue still not resolved

I called Verizon the first week of July asking for help because my phone was dropping calls, I would turn into a robot, and the service had significantly declined. The nice person offers me a new phone bc mine was less than a year old. Now, I was hesitant because I knew it was a service issue, not a cell issue because I had already taken it to Apple, but I decided to give it a try.

I received the phone, sent my phone back to Verizon UNDAMAGED. Next thing I know I receive an email stating my camera is cracked. It wasn’t cracked when I sent it. If it were, I have insurance and would’ve gladly fixed it. They want to charge me $329 for a phone that was fine when I sent it in. 

The real problems begin when I call to explain my issues. I’ve talked to no less than 9 people over two months at Verizon. So people have said they are submitting a ticket and they don’t, others say the are crediting me, looking into the issue and never follow through. Last Monday I spoke to a manager who told me he was removing the charge from my bill. The next week I receive a bill and no charge had been removed. I called back, asked them to review the call, the girl said she entering another ticket. I get a bill today, so I call back because she never submitted a ticket.  Tonight, my 9th call to Verizon, I talk to someone and she offers my a courtesy $100 off, she escalating it and then the next thing I know someone different is on the phone because she has decided to leave for the day. WHAT?! This is after 58 minutes on the phone.


I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 17 years. Paid my bills on time every month. Never had one issue. I didn’t damage this phone - if it was damaged I would’ve used my insurance and had it fixed with no issue. I’ve asked them to send my phone back to me bc it would be cheaper to fix the crack. In addition, I’m still having the same issues I was having in July - a new phone didn’t fix it.

I’m absolutely shocked that Verizon is treating their customers like this. How do I get a hold of someone who can genuinely help me, do what they say, and follow through? I’m at my whits end - 9 calls, hours upon hours of my time, lies and no resolution. 

is there anyone that is willing to help me? Is there an escalation number? Any help is appreciated. 

Re: 9 phone calls in 2 months to Verizon issue still not resolved
Customer Support

Hello, Erb0702. We are very sorry to hear that you had this experience. We certainly want to help in every way that we can. Please send us a private message so that we can assist further.