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This is my most recent experience with Verizon Customer Service. I am appalled, shocked and at the end of my rope. My husband and I have been faithful Verizon Contract customers. Until now, we have not once considered leaving our contract for another mobile company. After our experience for the past month, we are almost determined that Verizon is no longer for us.



On June 30th of 2015 I ordered my 14 year old daughter a Verizon Pre Pay IPhone 4s online through Verizon. I made the purchase with my debit card. I was charged as follows:


$45 initial air time fee


$35 prepay account activation fee


$99.99 IPhone 4s Black 16GB



I received free overnight shipping and my total after taxes and fees was $154.95. I enrolled in auto debit to be sure that the 45 would be paid monthly to avoid disruption of her phone service. On July 1st of 2015, the phone was delivered and received through FedEx. I wrapped the phone as a gift, placed it in hiding and on July 6th of 2015 it was opened on her birthday. The phone was not a working phone. Confused, I made her place the phone on charge overnight thinking that possibly the battery needed a complete charge to operate, however, the next day the phone still would not power on. This is when my disgust with Verizon began..



I started making calls beginning with the warranty phone number that was conveniently placed on the packaging assuring a warranty for the first 90 days and a lifetime manufacturers warranty. I was told by the warranty department that the phone was NOT under warranty with Verizon and I would need to contact Apple directly. Hoping that this was the answer to my issue, but still confused since I was holding warranty paperwork in my hand, I called Apple. They immediately pulled my MEID# from my phone, and explained to me that they could not warranty the phone since it was sent through Verizon and was showing as a REFURBISHED phone. Apple does not refurbish anything, and if it was showing refurbished, it was not done by an Apple Technician and therefore had been tampered with. They could not warranty this. Understandable. They refer me back to Verizon explaining that the phone was only a few days old and that no matter what, Verizon would have to replace the phone that was sold to us.



One rep after another, since June the 7th I have talked to. All giving ridiculous replies, some hanging up on me, others transferring me until I finally get to person number 12 and ask not to be transferred again. Person number 12 would usually ask me to hold, to which I would somehow end up right back at the automated system. Back at the beginning, once again. Frustrated, tired of explaining the same story over and over, and getting to the  end of my rope after weeks of calling, I finally get a rep on August 16th 2015 that explains to me that if I will ship the phone back to Verizon using the prepaid shipping label that I would receive a replacement phone in the mail within 5 days of receipt of the original phone to the warehouse. I was hesitant. I didn't like the thought of releasing the phone that I had paid for on the hopes and faith in humanity that this large corporate structure would make it their business to see that I had a phone to hold in my hand for the money that I gave them. The rep ASSURED me that it would not be an issue and that in 5 days, I would be holding a phone in my hand. The following day, I shipped the phone with the prepaid label. I did not call daily like I had previously been doing. Now mind you, this whole time, I am continuing to pay for a phone that is not in use, and now, that I do not even have.






This morning, August 31st of 2015, I wake up and  realize that I still have not received a replacement phone from Verizon. So, I start my usual round of phone calls. I start with customer service. My go to. I get no where. I get a story about no phone being sent. Then I get another rep who says they can see that the phone was received on August 24th of 2015 at the warehouse in Ft. Worth, Texas. Next , I get a rep who tells me that the warehouse has the phone and is not releasing it because it shows that I am just GIVING the phone back. I get another rep who explains to me that " I am just out $200" and hangs up on me. I call back and talk to someone who I explained to that I would rather just have a complete and total refund at this point. I am disgusted, I am frustrated and I am shocked that this company we have been so faithful to is treating me as if I am nothing, my money doesn't matter and I have been financially robbed of $154.95 plus my $45 monthly air time fee that had already been debited from my account once and was due to debit again tomorrow. The rep quickly puts me on hold and I HOLD...........for another ridiculous 45 minutes. During this time I realize, I need to be taking names and making notes, there is no possible way that anyone would ever believe such a story. The different stories and resolutions coming from every single sales rep and the number of times that I am hung up on should be noted for future reference. And these are my notes from the rest of the afternoon:



Kesha comes back on the line and I ask her for her customer service rep number or badge number for my notes. She quickly obliges, Kesha [removed]. Then Kesha explains to me that she has entered a ticket # for a possible refund. [removed] She explains to me that it must be sent for approval and that I will receive a call in 3-5 business days determining the fate of the refund. I ask her if this was an actual confirmation number for a refund or a ticket # for a possible refund. She hangs up on me.



Two hours later, at 4:20 p.m., I realize. How will I be contacted? They have no contact number for me. The only number attached to the account is sitting in a warehouse in Ft. Worth. Sooooo, I dial the number back and receive customer service, AGAIN.



At 4:31 pm, I speak to Roy [removed] who is hesitant to give me an id number, but complies and listens with an understanding ear. I explain that I need to speak with a supervisor in Tech Support and he resists, but eventually gives in and places me on hold at 4:22 pm for a supervisor.


At 4:31 pm, I speak with Dee [removed] who claims to be a supervisor in Tech Support, absolutely refuses to give me any identifying number, is rude, short, sharp and completely unprofessional. I explain to her that if she cannot give me an identifying number then I cannot speak with her and will need to be transferred again. She gives me the [removed] and sharply asks what issue I am having. I begin to explain, she tells me that Kesha has given me a fake ticket number for my refund, and that she will need to transfer me. At 4:46pm she places me on hold. At 4:48 she returns and says that I was given false information about the return and I only had 14 days to make the return. Places me back on hold. At 4:50pm she returns and says that she is on the other line with the warehouse and isn't receiving any helpful information from them. Places me on hold again. At 5:07pm , she returns and tells me that she has just spoken with internet orders and that they have replied that they are keeping the phone with no refund because I am beyond my warranty date. She tells me that she has sent an email for another response but hasn't received a response and she will call me tomorrow and let me know what she finds out. Hangs up. Once again, did not take a call back number. At 5:51 pm I make my last and final phone call to Verizon Customer Service and receive Lindsey [removed], who quickly and willing gives me her rep number, seems eager to help and says that she can see in the system that I have bounced around " quite a lot" . She places me on hold at 5:53pm to transfer me to another rep who can assist me with my issue. At 5:53pm she comes back for the passcode on the account, reassures me, and places me back on hold. At, 6:06pm, she returns, asks me if I by chance have the location code, and order number. I give her the numbers from my original receipt and also provide her with the warehouse location number. She tells me that she has internet orders on the other line and ask me for a quick overview of the situation so that she can relay it to him before we are connected. I give her the whole spill including dates and calls that were made. She places me back on hold.


At 6;24 pm she returns again and her words are, “ Wow. I am so glad I did not transfer you to that guy. That would have been another huge disappointment for you. Please continue to hold for me and I will get another pre pay supervisor on the line with us.” She tells me that she will not leave me, reassures me again, and places me on hold.


At 6:32 pm, she comes back, tells me that she is trying to get everyone on board for a call, tells me that she hasn’t forgotten me and assures me that this will be resolved. Places me on hold again.


At 6:38 pm , I realize to myself that this whole time I have been listening to a repeat of a Verizon advertisement claiming, mail us your phone and we will send you $100 in cash. Didn’t I just ship them a brand new phone that I received in the mail? Why yes I did…..hmmmmm..



At 6:55, Lindsey returns to the line abruptly, shortly states that she has Patrick on the line and she will be stepping away from the call now. Her demeanor has totally changed. She is not the friendly, bursting with sunshine rep that I had previously been speaking with. Her attitude was completely different. I tell her that is fine, thank you for all of her help so far and proceed with Patrick.


At 6:55 pm, Patrick claims to be a supervisor for Tech Support. I ask for an ID number to which he responds that no employee at Verizon has an ID number. I tell him that I have a page full of names and ID numbers of people that I had spoken with. He tells me that they were made up numbers just to suffice me. We continue with the conversation. He tells me that I have a 1 year warranty on the phone but that I have already returned it. I explain that I was instructed to do so. He tells me that maybe they will just ship me another one, could be 1 week, could be 2 weeks, could be “whenever”. Just depends on how busy the warehouse is he “guesses.” Offers me a free month on the phone. I explain this will do me no good. I do not have the phone. I ask him to give me a refund. He tells me that it is not possible, I ask him to check the ticket number that I was given by Kesha and told was fake by Dee. He checks the number and tells me that it isn’t a good number but tells me that they do provide ticket numbers. Even though Dee told me that they did not input any type of ticket number ever. Completely flustered and ready to give up, I tell Patrick, “ Look, all that I want here is a resolution. Either a phone that I paid for or a refund of the money that I spent to order and activate a phone. This is all that I am asking. I don’t feel like it is that far fetched.” Patrick responds by telling me that if I want a refund I need to contact my bank and have them contact Verizons financial services department for a refund. He then hangs up. This call lasted a total of 1 hour 13 minutes and 12 seconds with Patrick.



Shame on you Verizon for having such poor customer service skills. I feel like I need to contact the fraud department at my bank instead to report a scam. I have been scammed out of a phone that I rightfully paid for and robbed out of $200 in hard earned money that you are refusing to return. I am appalled. 


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Customer Support

JFann1228, this is certainly not the experience we want you to have.  I am sorry to learn of all of the trouble you have experienced. I have sent you a personal message so we can discuss further.

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If you don't get help here, I'd take this one to twitter and facebook - it will just need to be shortened.


im on hold for 25 minutes now


VERIZON: Easily one of the worst companies in America. Then again, there are so many to choose from. Verizon and their CEOs will make record profits and bonuses this year, meanwhile, customer service continues to worsen. Only Congress or a class action lawsuit will change this. OVER AN HOUR TO REACH ANYONE BY PHONE! They will not return your SCHEDULED CALLS as promised, and they don't respond via chat. Basically, Verizon is trying to blame COVID. The reality of the situation is Verizon doesn't want to hire enough customer service reps to handle their volume of business. If there were more competition in their space, I'd leave in a heartbeat. The US consumer is being reamed by these types of companies--Verizon, Spectrum, Google, Facebook, etc. Too many monopolies, not enough choice, and not enough regulation and consumer protections.


I wonder if Verizon's greedy executives read these complaints? They know their customer service is abysmal, but they don't care. Why should they? They make millions and scr*w us.


Their Facebook "support" is equally worthless.


I've held for over 40 minutes and still never reached a rep!