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ATT to VZW Port Mess

My wife and I went to Verizon today to sign up for new service and port our numbers from AT&T. Should be simple right? Nope, apparently I got the unknowledgeable rep and now we’re completely stuck. Here is what happened:

1. We fill everything out, VZW rep says to port my wife’s number from AT&T he needs the account number and the PIN we use to sign into her account. 
2. We provide it to him, he initiates the port.

3. We transfer data to new phones, everything seems alright.

4. We try some test calls, my wife’s phone and make outbound calls but not receive inbound. I ask him about this. He tells me ports are usually quick, but can take up to 24 hours.

5. He suggests turning off the old phone, wiping it and turning it in for the trade in. We do it.

6. About two hours later, we get a text that says the port failed and the PIN doesn’t match.

7. After multiple phone calls, I find out AT&T requires a port PIN, which could have been easily obtained by dialing *PORT or logging onto my wife’s AT&T account. However, now we no longer have the AT&T phone, so we can’t request a PIN and can’t complete two-step verification to sign into her account.

8. The VZW store is now closed. AT&T says they can’t pull a port PIN.

9. Now we’re stuck and have a phone that doesn’t receive calls or texts.

How wouldn’t this be standard training for VZW employees? How wouldn’t they know how to properly port a number from their biggest competitor? This is so frustrating, anybody have any idea how to fix this?

Re: ATT to VZW Port Mess
Customer Support

Hello, LegitJerome. We want our new customers to have a great experiencing when switching to us. Let's help you resolve this issue. To confirm, have you called AT&T to have them generate the Transfer PIN from your accounts with them?