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Activation Fees agreement

Help? Where is the agreement that I supposedly signed that outlines the activation fee?  Brand new to Verizon and did all of the ordering work over the phone. The rep NEVER said anything about the $40 activation fee that is per line and I moved SIX lines to Verizon. Furthermore I activated ALL of the phones and devices myself, Verizon didn’t do anything except send me a box with SIMs and instructions. I wasn’t made aware of this during my multiple conversations with Verizon and I don’t want to pay this fee. Terrible way to treat a brand new customer?

Re: Activation Fees agreement

All of the carriers have an activation fee even if they call it a SIM starter kit. The cost varies between $20 and $40 depending on which carrier you choose and how you interact with the carrier to purchase the phones. Occasionally they will waive the fee, but the promotion will be noted on their website and it will indicate the terms of the promotion. 


For example, if you had made your purchase through the Verizon Wireless website, the activation fee for each of your lines would have been $20 per line that you would have paid at the time of purchase along with the sales taxes for the phones.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Activation Fees agreement
Customer Support

Hello, Bmurphy09. Help is here. We want to make sure you have a full understanding of your charges. To clarify, did you create a My Verizon account? If so, you can log in online, and view your Documents and Receipts to view your recent agreements. Also, The Activation fee is a standard charge for all new lines activated on the network. CourtneyM_VZW

Re: Activation Fees agreement

I have questions and concerns about upgrades terms,  the actual cost and monthly fee prior to 30 days limit.   

I searched on line and found and agreement that was sighed. It was not my signature and that agreement was not disclosed to me during the up grade. Could I get some help with that?

Dear Verizon customer service,

How do get all actual documents related to my mobile upgrade for full understanding of my obligations with upgrade? 

thank you

Re: Activation Fees agreement

Dear Verizon customer service.

I did what you recommended. 
I found an agreement which was not signed by me nor was it disclosed.  It did not reflect the value of phone exchanged and the 0 monthly payment that was presented to me at the Verizon Store. 

I tried chat on line and the chat line could not assist. 

Please contact me by email or phone which is on my account and share details of phone upgrade and my actual monthly or full up front fee and exchange value of my phone prior to the 30 day limit. 

Thank you

Re: Activation Fees agreement
Sr. Member

Verizon CS is not going to call you or email you for info readily available online.

A Google search of 'verizon activation fee' will show as the top non-ad result. (Upgrade your Verizon mobile device FAQs)

This brings you to a section that discusses fees. None of this info is buried anywhere.