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Adding a line

How much does it cost to add another line

Re: Adding a line
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

This is not an easy answer and would require more information from you.

Do you need to purchase a phone? Would it be done on payments?

What plan do you have? How many lines are on your account?

For example:

I have one line on my account and I have Play More Unlimited. I want to add a line, also with Play More Unlimited. I want to purchase an iPhone 11 with 128 GB of storage.

Before adding the new line, this person would have been paying $80/month + taxes if receiving the autopay discount. After adding the line, this person will be paying $140/month + taxes if receiving the autopay discount PLUS $31.24/month for the new phone. The added cost per month is $91.24/month. If this person did not purchase a new phone on payments, the added cost would be $60/month.

This same person who had 3 lines of service and wanted to add another line would have been paying $165/month + taxes for service and after adding a line would be paying $180/month + taxes for service. This is only an increase of $15/month to add the line. With the phone purchase it would bring it up to $46.24/month of an increase.

So, as you can see, there is no easy answer to your question as I have shown you it can be anywhere from $15/month increase to $91/month increase. I could find ways it could even be lower or higher.

More information would be needed to see how much YOU would be paying in addition to your current bill.

Re: Adding a line
Customer Support

Knowing all the pricing details when adding a new line is crucial.  We would need more details to be able to answer this question.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.