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Afraid it's time to move on...

Verizon simply no longer wants me as a customer.  They've been telling me repeatedly with their actions (and inaction), but I guess I didn't want to believe it. I've spent more than 10 hours trying to get support (chat and phone and hold/wait time) over 7 days.  I'm simply trying to change the number on one of my lines. More time watching to see if the change went through.  Today I gave it one last try and was told I needed a new SIM. Was asked to go out to a store in a blizzard - which I did -  and I would get a callback at 3:30.  It's an hour past the call time and no call.  3rd time I've been told that someone would get back to me.  3rd time I've been ghosted.  Been hung up on and had to go back through queues. Sat in chat queues and no one has responded in more than an hour when the wait time was posted as an estimated 20 minutes. Just one thing after another.  And I pay for this...

I don't really have any desire to call the only number published here (again) and wait for another hour on hold.  There doesn't seem to be a way to escalate this situation which has long passed the point of poor service.

I've got money due on phones (I never planned to leave), but I'm hoping that AT&T or T-Mobile will help cover some of that.  If not, I guess I'll just take it as one last slap in the face from Verizon.  5 lines, 2 watches and 2 MiFi devices. Nearly 15 years with Verizon.  It's so disappointing, but I don't like being lied to and whether VZW cares or not, my time has value, too.  Enough is enough.

I'm posting this here so that perhaps VZW can learn from it in the future. These postings also come up in Google searches, so perhaps it will serve as a warning to others.  It's sad. I never wanted to leave.

Re: Afraid it's time to move on...

Sometimes the only option that a consumer has is to vote with their feet. 

Re: Afraid it's time to move on...
Customer Support

Your 15 years of customer loyalty are greatly appreciated and we certainly don't want to lose you. Let's get to the bottom of your telephone number change once and for all because I know your time is valuable.  I will be sending you a Private Message momentarily.  -Yani