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After several years of overpriced billing?

I wanted to post this on "feedback" but apparently Verizon doesn't allow that anymore, you can search it in the app but the link is dead. Let's start by saying that not being able to feedback is a red flag and they're probably just sick of the complaints 👌. After several years of being a loyal consumer (not to be confused with customer) I'm completely fed up with the price of "unlimited" and "smart phone access"? I mean really? Charge extra for something everyone has 🤔. Anyway I'm done with owning a phone and still paying upwards of $100/ month and I have 0 or 1x signal at work (in a pretty populated city). Not even in the parking lot do I get signal at work where I spend 240+ hours a month. Goodbye Verizon, your time has come. Compare coverage maps and you'll realize you're paying premium prices for a "boost mobile" or less quality network. I have a feeling Verizon is just hanging on long enough to get bought out by a bigger company, they have done almost 0 expanding in a very long time. When my new pixel 6 ships from another wireless provider I will say goodbye to 💩 service and overpriced billing forever, so enjoy the last $100 you'll ever get from me Verizon, you're truly awful. (These are my opinions based on my experience and are not considered fact, except to me. Not affiliated with any wireless provider, not paid for) I just wanted to make sure everyone knows these are my sole opinions and I am not in any way affiliated with any provider period. Yall su ck. 😐 

Re: After several years of overpriced billing?
Customer Support

We always want you to get excellent service and the best bill. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance/ *Melissa