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Amateurish log out procedure on

Never seen an ecommerce website that doesn't have a log out or sign out button. Very amateurish for such a big company--and a tech company at that. I hate using a credit card and then having to just leave a site without signing off--I would think Verizon would worry about the liability. Since I can't reach anyone at tech support--and since Chat is just a bot--I'm putting this complaint here. While waiting endlessly on hold, I figured out your ridiculous sign out procedure: You have to click on the menu at the upper right (that's logical). This reveals a popup window that says WELCOME at the bottom. Yes, you have to click on WELCOME to find the sign out button (seriously????). Talk about counterintuitive. Whoever designed your website should be embarrassed for making the company look dumb. Check Google. Lots of people think the lack of a log out is dumb. The last thing you think of when you want to LEAVE a website is to click WELCOME. sheesh....

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Re: Amateurish log out procedure on
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Problem seems to be on your end. Clicking the profile in the top right says sign out below.