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Another Verizon Customer using my email address as their email address

I just received an order and shipment notification from a Verizon customer across the country for 3 new iPhones. I have their address and personal details now.

I tried to hit the link at the bottom where it says "If you think this email was sent in error or you'd like to change how you receive your notifications click here." But it is a nonsense link that leads to your home page.

I then signed into my own account and contacted support - they were unable to help and for some reason were trying to gain access to my account for half an hour - which has nothing to do with the problem of receiving someone else's email. This same problem could be happening to someone without a Verizon account and there should be a pathway for them to get it fixed.

Finally, I logged in here and saw stories of the exact same issue dating from 2014 and 2015 in which Verizon support was unable to do anything. I'd like you to fix this but I don't have much faith in that being a possibility.

What you're doing has major privacy and security implications and could be averted by simply requiring someone to click a CONFIRMATION LINK upon signing up to your services (almost every other webpage on earth has been doing this for several years). So I'm really here to communicate the solution to you, Verizon, but if ya'll aren't capable of this relatively simple fix - I'll phrase it as a question paraphrased from my long suffering friends 7-8 years ago:

"What should I do if someone else has used my e-mail address and I'm getting flooded with emails about their personal details and I'm trying my best to fix your problem and only running into walls?"