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Auto-pay nightmare, i.e. "option", again....

I've already posted a history about my quest to fix the auto-pay things.

Well, ti still doesn't work!

I set up a separate bank account, added it as a payment method, and then clicked on to set up auto pay. Infamous "Inprogress" again and empty screen... Ok, I went to the Android app and, wow, I was able set up Auto-pay, 19th of each month! At least this is what the green pop-up at the top of the screen told me. Hurray!

Don't party yet, dude, Verizon told me soon.... In January 24 I noticed that I have unpaid Verizon bill.... and nobody charged my banking account that I set up as payment method for auto-pay. Wow! So, I paid the bill ASAP.

But Verizon did what it does the best: it charged me late fees! Because I didn't pay on time.....

OK, I came back to the app, Account Setting - > Payment, and guess what I see? "You're not enrolled in Auto Payment"! Hey, if I'm not, why did you tell me I was???

Ok, I enrolled again, and I've got the pop-up confirmation again, and then went back to check..... Yep, you bet: "You're not enrolled in Auto Payment"! 

Ok, I went to the web site, and ....miracle! The auto-pay page opened! Wow!!!! Can you imagine that? They fixed it, in just 5 months since I told them first time it wouldn't open at all!

Anyway, I'm here, and what do I see?

Auto Pay

You are unable to manage Auto Pay due to previous payment history and restricted payment options.

What is this, Verizon??? Can you please be more specific, just a little bit? What is wrong with my "previous payment history"? And what "restricted payment options" means? You mean I have terrible payment history? Yeah, I'm a guy with 800+ credit score......not good enough for your "service"?

Just a reminder (see my other thread): I wanted to set up auto-pay because Verizon started charging me $30 per month few months ago. As they said, I allegedly set up auto-pay, but didn't auto-pay..... I told them I never did, I couldn't even open that page, I had been paying monthly with my credit card, as I did for the last 20 years....

I have auto payments for my insurance company, Comcast and 2 credit cards, and they all work without any problems for years. I never ever had any issues with auto-payment!

I can't believe it's so hard for Verizon to do the same! The only explanation is they do that deliberately to have an excuse to put extra charges on their clients.  People trust Verizon and don't check their bills closely, so Verizon can charge them extra, and they won't notice. Just like I didn't for a while. I can't imagine an important payment option of the largest mobile carrier in the USA didn't work for months (and still don't), but nobody gives a dang.





Re: Auto-pay nightmare, i.e. "option", again....
Customer Support

This is definitely not the experience that we want for you to have. We would like to access your account to continue looking into this for you. Would this be okay?