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Autopay discount

I am a longtime customer who never missed a payment and was using autopay with my cc. I recently tried switching autopay to my checking account to get the discount. Verizon claimed that they could not verify the account, but gave me no notice until the bill was past due. I was charged a return fee twice, which I had to spend over 3 hours total on the phone/chat to get removed. I have tried setting up my debit card, but now my account is flagged and I am unable to do this. Prior to this, I have never had an issue with a payment. The issue is on Verizon’s end, not mine, and I am extremely unhappy with this. I just want to autopay enroll my debit card so I can pay the bill and get the credit that they advertise. This long-term customer is starting to look at other options.

Re: Autopay discount is a nightmare

Agree with everyone else having issues with Autopay from a checking account.  Same thing happened to me! Switched autopay from my CC to receive additional discounts. I've been a long time customer and paid my bill on time.  Now when I try to switch  autopay from my CC to checking AND with the assistance of the agent, everything seemed ok according to the Agent, until days later I get a message that the payment didn't go thru. I set it up again and again and again, contacted  the agent and they say my autopay is good to go.   Monitored my bank account and it didn't show Verizon successfully withdrew the autopay amount from my bank. Sent many messages thru chat to confirm everything was ok and the Agent reassured me the autopay was all set up and I wouldn't be penalized. Then days later, I get a notice the payment was declined!. Set up autopay again (over 5Xs!) and got a payment declined again! I've been using autopay using my CC and the payment went thru with no issues over many years. The Agent said to contact the Financial people. The Financial person couldn't tell me what the issue is to fix the problem linking Verizon to my Checking, insinuated I probably put in the wrong bank info (really? that many times???)  She couldn't help me, nor could her supervisor,  but suggested to try linking the Autopay to a debit card. Tried setting up Autopay using my debit card  and even used Verizon's site by linking my Bank Acct within the Verizon site, it failed, then locked me out of autopay for 6 months, so I also lost the discount for autopay for the next 6 months! The Financial person said there is nothing she or supervisor could do to help me once it's Locked and didn't know why it was happening except I probably put in the wrong bank number info. Really? That many times?   Called my bank and confirmed my routing/acct info was correct. THEN, to make matters worse, discovered Verizon charged me 2 x $25 late fees! Contacted the agent via chat again, and was told there was nothing that could be done about the 2 late fees!  I haven't had this type of billing  problems with autopay using my CC!  Very disappointed, and I agree with others that Autopay using the Checking is a nightmare.   Not only am I losing additional discounts for the next  6 months, I incurred 2 late fees through what I believe is not fault of my own! I did my due diligence - contacted Verizon to verify Autopay w/ Checking had no issues, was assured no issues, then Surprise! Payment declined AND by they way, here's 2 late payment fees.  How  would I know was any payment issue when I switched autopay from the CC to Checking! It doesn't tell you there's an issue when you link to the bank.  I found out the hard way about 3-5 days after and then get a late penalty fee! Very disappointed that NO ONE that works for Verizon could help me! Autopay using my checking is the worst experience I have ever had with Verizon. Should have stuck to using my CC for autopay!   This is very unsatisfactory treatment of a loyal customer PLUS blaming me. AND no one can tell me what the issue is for me to fix the problem!  If it's not an issue Verizon, then why did it also happen to other people? Now that I saw all these posts with similar issues and getting penalized with a late fee TWICE, and no one from Verizon can  tell me what the issue is to remedy it, makes me believe this Autopay + checking is a way to make more money because there's a fault in the system. My bank said they weren't even contacted to even be able to decline the payment!  Super disappointed and considering my options!