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Over the holidays I traded in my iPhone for a $800 trade in credit towards an iPhone 13 that both Verizon support on there app and website and the people in the physical store reassured me I would get (as I was skeptical because Verizon has a tendency to do shady things).

Low and behold 2 month later I check my bill and the trade in value of my phone was $100. Upset I contact Verizon through there website and they tell me there is nothing they can do because it was done through a physical store and when I go to the store they tell me there is nothing they can do because it is through Verizon. I had a 1 hour chat on their app where the rep told me that my phone would be worth $800 no questions asked, but when I ask to go back and see the chats they say they delete them for security purposes lol. It's absolutely a trick and should be illegal.  

I doubt I will ever be assisted properly in this issue and will be stuck paying the full price of the phone and being stuck in a 2 year contract. IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE PHONE OUT RIGHT! 

I would highly recommend you never do any promotional deal with Verizon because they will almost 100% of the time rip you off in some way. Just look at the 100 other threads on this exact issue. 

I hope that someone at Verizon will be able to help me in some way but I doubt it will ever come.

Customer Support

I am very sorry for the situation as we always want to ensure you get clear and accurate information. What were you advised about the original requirements of the $800 promotion and why you may not have qualified? What model is the phone you traded in? Was this an upgrade on an existing line?   



I have the same issue. I saw an ad for $800 trade-in offer for my iPhone 8plus on Verizon website, and traded the phone in while buying an iPhone 13 pro max. On trade in track site the phone's appraisal value was shown to be $800. Only $134 of statement credit was posted to my account. After that, I contacted Verizon multiple times for the issue, but was told to wait or they were unable to fix the discrepancy.

In future when people search "verizon trade in" on google, hopefully the issues on this forum and the words "bait and switch" would be the first pages that appear.


I had a similar issue with a trade-in bait and switch, only my situation was slightly different.  We were offered $800 discount for a trade-in on a Galaxy S10+. We were told the line price would be $35. The actual line price is $55, and whenever we went to change it on the app we would get a message telling us that we would lose the discount if we change the plan.  I've tried to reach them on several occasions with their employees hanging up on me within the first 30 days of the initial transaction. Error messages on the chat saying there weren't any employees available.  Finally, months later I'm able to get through to an actual person who tells me the discount applied with the trade-in will be removed if we switch to a cheaper plan. We were lied to.

In reality we are saving only $2/ month because they tricked us into a plan that's $20/month higher than we were quoted. 


Enough with the false advertising!!

We are long time Verizon customers with 4 cell phones on a loyalty plan.   Our online account stated that the iPhone 6 was entitled to an upgrade and provided a link to a site that offered a free iPhone 13 mini with trade. and up to $800 off with trade in for iPhone 13 Pro. This led me to have a live text chat with a Verizon representative who verified that our loyalty plan qualified for the free  upgrade to the 13 mini with trade of the iPhone 6. The rep also provided the payment details as to the monthly charges for the new phone, depending on memory, and the $700 or $800 credit that would be posted over 36 months. Since I had to call back to complete the transaction, I was assured by the rep that the conversation and details of the upgrade was in the record.

The new agent claimed that there was no record in the file. However, I had made a copy of the text chat and provided it to the new agent. The agent did not comment about the record but and discount and ended sending me a link to new monthly charges reflecting the full price of an iPhone 13 Max paid monthly over 36 months with 0 credit. I then got the big run around and spent 3 hours with runarounds and transferring to different agents. My last conversation with customer care supervisor who would not provided her name simply blew off the suggestion that Verizon just honor the free iPhone 13 mini credit that was offered in writing and took a go sue City Hall attitude. 

If anyone also copied chat records or have similar experiences, please reply to this post. The following is a copy of the first text chat with Verizon's representative. The subsequent text chats with the other reps were also  copied, but are not included below since it evidences the switch that other customers only discover when Verizon's bill is received that will be used in later proceedings.



What do I have to do to upgrade my Iphone to an Iphone 13 mini and will it change my current plan. Read You at 16:05, Jun 23:

You'll be connected to the next available live agent as soon as possible. Info  at 16:05, Jun 23:

To protect your privacy, please do not send confidential information (ex. SSN, PIN, payment info, etc.) to our agents. When required, Verizon has a secure process and will not record this information. For more info, you can visit: Info  at 16:05, Jun 23:

Hello, Welcome to Verizon, My name is Destyni! May I have your name please? Destyni at 16:05, Jun 23:

XXXXXXXXXXRead You at 16:05, Jun 23:

Nice to meet you Xxxxxx ! I’ll be happy to help you with upgrading today. Destyni at 16:06, Jun 23:

Upgrading to an iPhone mini will not require you to change your plan. May I have your 10 digit phone number so we can get started? Destyni at 16:06, Jun 23:

XXXXXX-4416Read You  at 16:07, Jun 23:

Thank you. One moment please. Destyni at 16:07, Jun 23:

I’ve sent you the request to your messages. Please click on the notification and then Allow Access, and submit.nDestyni at 16:09, Jun 23:

Just checking in, are we still connected? Destyni at 16:12, Jun 23:

did not receive text messageRead You at 16:12, Jun 23:

Would it be okay for me to send that verification message to another line on the account ending in -3018, -3435, or -7830? This is only for me to get into the account. Destyni at 16:14, Jun 23:

Try mine again xxxxxx-4416Read You at 16:15, Jun 23:

Give me one moment to try that again. Destyni at 16:16, Jun 23:

No worries it will now be sent to you as a secure code via text to the number provided. Once you get it, provide that code here please. Destyni at 16:16, Jun 23:

720039Read You at 16:16, Jun 23:

Thank you. Destyni at 16:17, Jun 23:

Which phone did you want to upgrade? Destyni at 16:18, Jun 23:

the iphone 6Read You at 16:18, Jun 23:

Okay great and just to clarify, did you want to get the iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini? Destyni at 16:20, Jun 23:

13Read You at 16:20, Jun 23:

No problem, also you are eligible for $700 off this device when you trade-in your iPhone 6. How this deal works is, you will pay today's monthly cost of the device and you will get that promo added onto your account within 1-2 billing cycles. After that promo is added, you will begin receiving credit back on your account for 36 months. Destyni at 16:24, Jun 23:

Were you interested in trading in today? Destyni at 16:24, Jun 23:

So what is the monthly rate and the rebated amount and how do we trade phonesRead You at 16:26, Jun 23:

For 128gb it would be $19.44, 256 would be $22.22, and 512 would be $27.77/mo. You will be given $700 in credit for 36 months and I can help you with trading in that phone. Destyni at 16:28, Jun 23:

Once you get that new device, you will send the old phone in the same box your new device will come in. Destyni at 16:28, Jun 23:

And our current pan will remain the same?ReadnYou at 16:30, Jun 23:

I apologize for the incorrect information, it will be $800 off not $700 and yes, you will be eligible for this promo with your loyalty plan. Destyni at 16:34, Jun 23:

Is there a contract di I have to sign.Read You at 16:37, Jun 23:

No, it will just be monthly payments. Destyni at 16:39, Jun 23:

You will be able to cancel your plan at anytime. Destyni at 16:40, Jun 23:

Without penalty or does it affect the rebate? Read You at 16:42, Jun 23:

The balance in the costs for the phone  become payable and credits stop.  Destyni at 16:43, Jun 23

I have to run. How can we finalize later today or in the am? You at 16:44, Jun 23:

Destyni assures that the conversation will be in the records for next agent