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BOGO Scam Samsung S9's

I upgraded a Samsung S7 to a S9 under the BOGO free deal they offered this past spring. The plan required I add a new line to my account which I did. Five months later I am still paying full price for the two S9's. During online chats about the subject I have been assured that I will be getting credit shortly, but no results. It seems my complaint is rather common, and I am considering filing a complaint with the NY State Attorney General's office. I may have upgraded my phone, but I wouldn't have got an additional one with a verizon line for full price! I think it is a planned scheme on Verizon's part in a kind of bait and switch plan. Interested if anyone else is having this problem.

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Re: BOGO Scam Samsung S9's
Sr. Member

Your complaint is not "common" among those that qualified for the promotion. It might be amongst those that didn't meet requirements, but if it were "common" I would think this forum would be full of additional posts stating they didn't get it....

If you met all requirements, I would recommend calling customer service about it to find out what is actually occurring, as the standard turnaround for promotions is 2-3 billing cycles.

From my experience the chat reps are not all that great about completing "escalated" issues or issues requiring a bit more research, but are fairly competent when dealing with general info/questions.

Either way, just because you have an issue doesn't make it a scam. That is just silly.

Re: BOGO Scam Samsung S9's
Sr. Member

Or you could call 800-922-0204 and have a rep fill out a form to get this resolved.

Re: BOGO Scam Samsung S9's
Customer Support

We never want any customer to feel that they've been misled when it comes to a promotion, KEIDEC66. I want to make sure we make this right so that we can get the Samsung galaxy s9 BOGO offer added to your account. Five months is definitely too long to not receive the credits you deserve. I did send you a private message, so we can take a closer look at the promotion and your account. Please respond to my private message, so we can review your account and get this taken care of once and for all

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Re: BOGO Scam Samsung S9's

I got the “DS“ on the bogo iPhoneX. I didn’t know why I was being charged for the free phone every month. After 4 months of the same and everyone I spoke with telling me to be patient, it will fix itself, I found the problem. when I took the BOGO offer, my new line and “free phone” had a bad charging port and they were out of the “x” in the 64gig I wanted so, they ordered one. It took some time to come in so in the Verizon system it showed different dates and therefore weren’t applying the bogo. I was relieved, we finally got this settled. Then I was informed that the phone wasn’t free... only $700 credit. Funny how that was never mentioned in the store. After 4 months and 8-10 hours on the phone (doing their work), talking with plenty of nasty people and a few nice ones they told me “sorry” but you didn’t read the fine print. Over the last two decades Verizon has been my provider  At least half the time. You’d think the 10k I’ve paid them would lend me some clout??? Nope! It seems I have to hand write a letter to get any further help. I’m so aggravated. I will write the letters. If I get no resolution then I will file with small claims court. It’s become personal at this point. They have taken so much of my time and energy I should get a paycheck...