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BOGO is scum.

I cannot believe I got scrummed by Verizon when last week ago I paid off device that charges every month to save my bills less and better but yet I noticed the billing is still same. I called and found out, guess what? you owes us 1,100. just because you paid off that makes BOGO promo is no good anymore?? That is not even make sense and I was so happy to get a free phone and took care of my bills yet I have to pay another one WITHOUT a warn??

We bought BOGO and have one third line added last May 2020. You mess us up big time with first time was messed with our numbers that transfer from old carrier but you took care of it - we appreciate it but now THIS? I WISH I have known about 24 month BEFORE I pay off!! What the heck!?  Why don't you all tell US a warn or an explanation?! to explain us about THIS yet you made us suffer.  I see that I am not the only one who got hurt by you, you have hurt lot of people with this fake BOGO.


Until my contract is over, I will go back to old carrier, they never scum me or lie to me.