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I purchased 4 iphone X on a BOGO promotion. Last month I decided to pay off the 2 phones to get rid of my installment payments.

I made the payment online and it turns out I paid off the wrong phone (didn't think it mattered which one I paid, since they're all the same price). Well, I just found out it does matter, I paid for two and now I will pay for one more because the bogo promotion was taken off my account. Hours on the phone with representatives and they said "sorry nothing we can do about it, it's a system thing".

So my option now are;

On a buy one get one deal, I'm actually paying for 3 and getting one. Or I can cancel with Verizon and pay 4 plus early termination!!!!

Worst experience I've had with any company! Feel ripped off!

Sr. Member

Call Care and ask for a rep to fill out a device status form to get your payment plan reinstated. One that's done, you can pay off a "buy" phone.

Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

When you get a BOGO deal, you only get the credits for those phones UNTIL the balance is down to $0. If you pay a phone off early, you will lose the credits. That includes BOTH phones on the deal. To continue getting the credits, both phones on the BOGO must still be making credits. If you purchased 4 phones to get 2 BOGO deals, both phones on each of the BOGO deals must still be making payments. If you have paid off 1 phone out of your 4 phones, then you will continue to receive credits for 1 of the BOGO deals and you have forfeited the remaining payments on the 2nd BOGO deal.

NEVER pay off a device associated with a BOGO deal or else you will lose any remaining credits associated with that deal.