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Bad data service for a month; shockingly rude and slow customer service

I mistakenly switched to Verizon about a month ago, and ever since I basically can no longer use my phone when it's not on wifi. My data speeds on Verizon's network have been around 0.2 mbps pretty consistently, so slow I can't even play music. I can't even load text-only webpages.

Since Verizon makes it almost impossible to talk directly to a person and forces you to use chat, that's what I've been doing. The chat reps take anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour to respond between each message, and each time they do respond it's like starting over from the beginning. Have you tried this stupid, pointless troubleshooting step? What about this other nonsense? Have you made a wish, clapped, and spun around three times?

Today, Verizon's Twitter account convinced me to start another chat with them. I did, and the person I was chatting with stopped responding altogether (after pulling the usual 20 minutes between every message hogwash). I left the chat open to see what would happen, and a different rep showed up TWO HOURS LATER and started accusing ME of being the one holding up the process. When I proved that they were full of it by showing screenshots of the chat timestamps, the rep just stopped responding entirely, and then the Twitter team disabled my chat link to prevent me from returning to it.

Verizon hates its customers so much that they don't let you speak directly with an actual person, forcing you to do this impossible chat instead. And then those people are mean and rude and just eventually stop responding at all without even bothering to try to help. They are clearly not interested in providing even the most basic customer service. 

Too bad, Verizon. I came from AT&T. I know a ton of people who are looking to leave AT&T. I'll make sure they all know what the experience of switching to Verizon is like. Think of how much more money you could make if you treated your customers with even the smallest amount of respect.

Re: Bad data service for a month; shockingly rude and slow customer service
Customer Support

We always want you getting full service without any issues and would never want to lose you.  Let's turn this experience around.  Where are you experiencing this issue (zip code/city/state)?  Are ohter Verizoon devices having these same issues there?-Sean