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Bait/Switch - Auto-Pay

Verizon's discount/incentive structure are Bait/Switch at the highest order, and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and possibly consideration for a class-action law suit.

As most of you know - enrollment in Auto-Pay is a discount incentive program.  Enroll in Auto-Pay, and we give you a discount.

That actually makes sense, because enrollment in Auto-Pay is a value add for a business to ensure that they are paid in a timely manner.  

Using an alternative payment method prior to a scheduled auto-pay should not remove an Auto-Pay discount.  For any reason.  Why?  Because the purpose of Auto-Pay is a function of protecting a business.  While I'm not discounting that there may be some added convenience in having a payment made automatically each month - it is a 'business first' practice.

So it is painfully frustrating to be dealing with the application of Verizon Gift Cards I've received as incentives to join Verizon, only to be told that I'll lose my Auto Pay Enrollment discount if I make an alternative payment.  Even though I'm not removing my default payment as the primary method of payment on Auto-Pay.

So when Verizon offers discounts coupled with incentives, then prevents you from realizing the discounts and incentives as promised - its deceptive seemingly  illegal.

Re: Bait/Switch - Auto-Pay

Been getting the autopay discount for years now. Just because someone is breaking terms, doesn't make it a "bait and switch".

Paying with Verizon gift cards is not what they meant, either. An alternate payment method are for those people who paid with credit cards early bypassing autopay entirely. 

Re: Bait/Switch - Auto-Pay
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I know how important it is to be able to take advantage of the offer you signed up for and enjoy your gift cards! While changing the method of payment does impact your auto pay discount, you do have other options for redeeming your gift cards. You can use your Verizon Gift Cards on My Verizon towards accessories, connected devices and more. Check it out here:;



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